Shameless plug for Lennon Park

Shameless plug for Lennon Park

I nearly flipped when I went to the SL website this morning and saw this. The Lennon Park Massacre Hunt on the Destination Guide! Now I know the MadPea peeps have seen their hunts and and sim on the destination Guide before…they’ve been pretty big for years now in SL. But….and this is a big but (shut up) Lennon Park is my friend Darth Kline’s sim. He’s had it for maybe a year now and has turned a flat square into a work of art. He’s a landscaping and decorating dream. Hell, when I went out of town a couple months ago to the beach, I asked him if he’d work on my bluff area….I came home to something incredible and awe inspiring. He and the Pea team made some minor adjustments and turned the sim into a deserted summer camp….so many nooks and crannies to explore and every square meter is a photo op. Pop in if you have some time…you won’t be sorry…promise 🙂

What I’m wearing:
Sassy! Vintage Dress from the Stalkerazzi fashion event
Sassy! polished cuff bracelet also from the Stalkerazzi
D!va Sayaka3 hair, Moonstone
Sax Shepherd’s Ione diamond circlet (never takin’ it off)
Sax Shepherd’s Flirt cross strap mules in leather
.Pekka. metallic under eyeliner, purple and fuchsia
Glam Affair Cleo Jamaica lipstick # 02

Pose from Apple Spice – Against the Wall pose pack

Chit I always wear:
Glam Affair – Cleo Jamaica 10
Redgrave body shape – Vivian (modified)
Slink mesh hands, elegant
Slink mesh feet, medium height
Redgrave eyes – tealgreen
Redgrave eyelashes #39 luscious

Lennon Park:


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