Who luvs ya baby?

Who luvs ya baby?

Football season is upon us…wooo hoooo! I’m a huge Saints fan…bein’ from thereabouts and all…and grew up ingrained in Saints culture. Doesn’t matter where you go in life…once a Saints fan, always a Saints fan. I’ll bet my Dad was whooping it up in heaven today with the other Saints (the ones with wings and halos) when we pulled it out over the Falcons (long time arch enemy) at the last minute….23-17….what a way to start a season 🙂 And just for some trivia fun…Kojak!!!!! (you are showing your age if you get that) 🙂

By the way…I have to give props to my friend, Reef Jewell (formally known as Box Guy). He made this tank for me and gave it to me yesterday to start off the season……it’s so fabulous I may keep it on for good luck all season!

What I’m wearing:
Saints tank top made for me by Reef Jewell (AKA Box Guy)
[Monso] My Studded Shorts
D!va Giz hair, Moonstone (Arcade rare!)
Caroline’s Jewelry – Fleur de Lis necklace and earrings
Sassy! polished cuff bracelet from Stalkerazzi
Sax Shepherd’s Flirt ross strap mules in leather
.Pekka. metallic under eyeliner, Black
Glam Affair Cleo Jamaica lipstick # 17
Magic Nook- lollipop

Pose from Magnifique – Sweet Like Sugar

Chit I always wear:
Glam Affair – Cleo Jamaica 10
Redgrave body shape – Vivian (modified)
Slink mesh hands, elegant
Slink mesh feet, medium height
Redgrave eyes – tealgreen
Redgrave eyelashes #39 luscious


The Arcade (good luck getting in)

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