the real reason for the Lennon Park Massacre

the real reason for the Lennon Park Massacre

Men in cowboy hats, men in kilts…and men in bikinies…..who could ask for anything more? Sometimes checking out hunt prizes may go to far. Case in point….I’m minding my own business and Darth sends a tp to come check out what he got in the backpacks…a cool add on to the Lennon Park massacre. Really cool stuff….the stores that supplied the booty really outdid themselves. So the last backpack opens up and its a bikini…whats Darth gonna do with a bikini?! I immediately ask for it, but he tells me its non transferable (of course) and that its from Boudoir. I freaking love Boudoir and knew it had to be an awesome bikini….and I soooo wanted to see it. I swear I didn’t ask…Darth volunteered to model it, and damn…..well…damn. He kept on the boots and was popping gum…which made him look spectacularly hilarious. Of course, the bikini IS awesome, and the flower in the hair is perfect….even with a man rocking it! I have now talked myself into getting all 4 backpacks (they’re in a gotcha at the beginning of the hunt) and doing the extension to the Massacre….I just have to have that bikini 🙂

Bikini by Boudoir

Location: Lennon Park Massacre

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