What to wear when you’re feeling bad ass

                                                                              You and what Army?

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opened today, so I expect to see loads of people running around half naked in crowns, wings, dead things and sporting assorted weaponry.  That’s what I’ve looked like for 4 or 5 days now…bad ass.  I thought I had left those days behind…I even deleted (yes, deleted….I know, but old system clothes….ewwww!!) my bad ass folder.  But then, like all things that fuel my shopping drive, Darth has a friend that got him a pass into the event a week before it opened and he asked if I wanted him to get me anything while there were no crowds…..I’d have said no….but then he passed me the link to the FCG Flickr and I started perusing.  Perusing turned into window shopping and a list was born. 

Now, just to be clear, I am not really a gacha person.  Gacha’s are those things where there’s an object that looks like a slot machine and there are 5 to 10 items inside of a particular thing…..bracelets of different colors, different pieces of furniture for a living room set, a skin with the different shades….and you pay a relatively small amount for a pull and BAM….you get a random color or piece. It runs like 25L, 50L, 75L…where you really get a bargain if you get what you want on the first or second try.  Of course, there are rares and ultra rares and ridiculously stupendous mega rares that are more fabulous that the mere common items in the machine…and those are sparkly or adorned or more detailed or of a fabulous color and you must have them…..they’re the cupcakes with sprinkles.  People (we won’t name names here, that would just hurt Darth’s feelings) will drop thousands of Lindens for a specific rare or ultra rare or holy fuck I can’t live without this mega rare….its insane and amazing at the same time.  I’ll see something I like and go drop in 50L or whatever and pull….and I’m usually okay with whatever color or thingie I get depending on what the item is…and I walk away happy. I’m in the minority.  In fact, there may be only 3 or 4 of us in that club….and the other 2 or 3 don’t know what a gacha is and live in blissful ignorance. Hell, I don’t even attempt the hair or skin…the odds are way to stacked against me that I’ll get a blonde shade and I have yet to find a skin I like better than my Glam Affair in Jamaica tone…my luck I’d do 10 pulls and I’d get a bunch of ultra pale tones….no thank you (my vampire days are over…that folders gone too).  The unwanted items are transfer, so you can trade them or sell them in a yardsale or group, some reaching ridiculous amounts….especially if there is a complete set for sale….I’m just way to lazy to do any of these things.  I make people like Darth craaaaaazy.  Lucky for me he is 1. addicted (that’s right, addicted…and there’s no 12 step program in SL yet for gacha addictions) and 2. wants to make me happy (I like to think its me, but its not always, he likes to make everybody happy).  So if I say I like Cinderella’s Castle (rare) but I’m not spending anymore L$ to get it and I can live without it…..its on like donkey kong.  I swear he went and dropped 5,000L$ easily in less than 3 minutes…sounded like Vegas there for a minute or two…till he got 2 castles…one for me and one to sell to make up for his losses….I’ll bet he pulled at least 50 commons that he’s had to trade or (hopefully) sell. 

So I made my list and passed it to him.  By this time, he had been to the pre-opening for 2 days with his other early entry friends and had amassed a mountain of goods.  They met up on my platform and we went through my list item for item.  I’d say what I want, they’d lay out all the color choices on the ground, I’d pick, pay whomever, and they’d swoop everything back up and pass me the goods.  It was like buying counterfeit purses on the street at midnight in New York City…good times.  Amazingly, between Darth, Rhenu and Joyce, I acquired all but 1 item of my wish list…freaking incredible! 

                                                                               Long day at the office

I know, right…who dresses like that to go out in battle!?  Every fucking body in SL, that’s who.  That’s why its bad ass and that’s why I have a new bad ass folder. 🙂

LM for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival:     http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Acerbus%20Silva/44/66/53

Chit I’m wearing in the “You and what Army” pic:

PFC Quiver – available at FGC
RO Crown – available at FGC
EMO-tions Legolan hair – available at FGC
Keystone Ioanna’s beltskirt – available at FGC
[Teri]Nova Neckcorset – available at FGC
Sweet Poison Daphnaie Epaulettes – available at FGC
Yasum Combat Trash boots – available at FGC
Yasum corset and panties, Snatch leather top, steampunk headset and Heat top – all from the Yasum store
Pose from oOo – Brevity #5….awesome!

Yasum landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fathom/145/175/3003

Chit I’m wearing in the “Long day at the office” pic:

Yasum Steamball dress – available at FGC
Yasum Combat Trash boots – available at FGC
EMO-tions Legolan hair – available at FGC
[DBF] Leendah crown – available at FGC
Pixel Box Steampunk necklace and earrings – marketplace
Baii Maii chain leather panties – marketplace and freaking hot!
BD Odetta eye makeup and Glamorize rival black lipstick- marketplace

The sword is from a Fucking Ninja pose set, the pose is Surface #2 from oOo…LOVE them!

oOo Landmark:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/junkDrawer/68/53/22   

Chit I always wear:
Glam Affair – Cleo Jamaica 10
Redgrave body shape – Vivian (modified in the body parts, not the face)
Slink mesh hands, elegant
Slink mesh feet, medium height
Redgrave eyes – tealgreen
Kotetka eyelashes v20







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