Birthing Burgundee

I made an alt last week…not my first…probably not my last.  I just really like the process…..creation from scratch….endless possibilities.  Do you wanna make a guy or a girl (yes, I have a guy alt), a human, furry, elf, dwarf, or my little pony….whatever.  Shopping shapes and skins and hair….love every bit of it.  I’ve never understood those purist peeps who keep their starter avie the same….and they’re 7 years old!!! Ridiculous!  I’m 5 years old….and believe me, 5 minutes after my birth when I saw people dressed in other clothing I was at the freebieworld store filling up my closet.  I thought I was hot shit after that too *shudders*.  I made Roxi in my classroom with my students and it took the girls about 2 months to talk me into pulling out my credit card and buying good hair and shoes.  I have never looked back. 

I decided to make another avie specifically for the Tiny Empires Kingdom I’m in in SL, Burgundy.  We’ve been getting hit by a lot of sabotages lately and it was my way to make up some acreage for the kingdom.  It’s been a while since I was on orientation island…or whatever they call your starting point when you log in for the first time.  I cracked up when Burgundee rezzed and was standing in the mist of 3 other exact copies!


Not sure which one is Burgundee…but what are the odds!  You get what….5 or 6 female choices to pick from and you’re randomly plopped down on the starter island.  And damn (I know you’re not supposed to start a sentence with and…but it works here) who at Linden Labs thinks this is a decent looking avie!?  If you don’t want to invest in your avie…you get this and the freebie stuff (some of which is not totally horrible), which you have to go search out.  This is the part I like.  There are some nice bargains to be found in shapes and skin…hair if you look a while, makeup, clothes, shoes…decent shoes are the hardest thing to find free or cheap.  I want a decent designer to make a couple of nice pairs of mesh shoes and give them too newbies…cause the ugly ass bling shoes are still making the rounds!  So after a couple enjoyable hours of Marketplace shopping (I ❤ you Marketplace!!) this is what Burgundee looks like now:


Not a day old and she had dyed her hair blue, wears too much makeup and is sporting piercings and tats.  Don’t get me started on how short her free shorts are.  All in all I spent less than 500L on her….and she’s super cute 🙂

What Burgundee’s wearing now:

shape, skin, eyes and AO were all in a complete avatar package from Noya named Noa and cost 250L.  The skin’s cute, but the body shape (and there were 3) was horrendous (makes a note to go put that in a comment on the Marketplace)….really, really horrendous…all 3 of them.  They needed a lot of modifying (NEVER buy a non modify shape).  Luckily the face of the shape needed just a bit of tweaking or I would have ditched it.  There’s cheaper complete packages out there with much better shapes and accessories, but I saw the sale add for this and figured I would try it.

Hair is from Analog Dog (one of my favorite hair stores) called Ice Queen, comes with the crown and was in the last round of the Arcade Gacha…I got this one at a gacha yardsale for 50L.

The top from La Vest, makeup from Glamorize, tats from Micelets, shorts from LRH, jewelry from S*MESH and piercings from *P* were all from free to 10L…all on the Marketplace! ( I HEART you Marketplace!!)

The worn combat boots (which you can’t see, but trust me, they’re awesome) are from DRD…a very respected name in cool shit wear….and were a bargain at 100L.

Burgundee’s a week old now, still a newb….but a cute as hell newb 🙂 and she’s amassing acres for the Kingdom of Burgundee like a good minion should 🙂


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