There goes the neighborhood!

Not even a week into the Fantasy Gacha and the crowds are going wild.  Still jam packed, but truly an interesting place to just pick a spot and avie watch.  Unlike regular run of the mill sims and events, people dress to impress for this event…on the wild side…its not surprising to see amazing and intriguing avies and outfits.  Actually, its amazing to see normal avies there.  While avie watching I picked up this spine top from Distorted Dreams that my doll avie is wearing because it reminded me of my favorite alien centipede, George.  George is from DRD, I picked him up at FutureWave 2014 a while back and we’ve been…ummm….attached ever since 🙂  (isn’t he cute!!)


George has become a bit territorial and didn’t appreciate a new bug in town…… and a trailer park trash bug at that!  So out pops the WTF talk bubble from [KoKoLoReS] (Pose Fair, closed).  George was waving it back and forth so hard he nearly knocked me out (apparently alien spine centipedes can’t talk) .  I have to dress smart when sporting a spinal guest and the Furred & Frilled top and bottom from Munereia works perfect, as does the parted Moonchild hair from little bones, both available at the FGC this month.  The doll ho ho is wearing the RARE “skirt” from Murdock and the Speed Dial hair from Milk (hair available at Kustom9 currently and is ridiculously popular…everybody’s wearing it!).  The trucker sign was one of my favorite things from the last Arcade round (good times), from 7 🙂

So if you’re feeling adventurous, head on over to the FGC and do some avie watching….and bring lindens….you’re gonna find things you just can’t live without 🙂

And just for fun……The Adventures of George



you know that chit’s funny! 🙂










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