Time Flies

2 posts in one day….crazy!  The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opened this morning to butt loads of anxious peeps with itchy fingers.  Just for fun I tried going to see…couldn’t get in to save my life.  When I looked it up on the map, sure enough….packed to the gills.  They should make those gacha machines sound like slot machines, it would sound like Las Vegas and give you the feeling that you won something!  Kinda like E-Bay (damned enablers)….you get all wrapped up in the auction….then the timer dings and you WON…..whoooot!  You get all kinda of virtual high fives and congrats…..then wait….oh yeah, you have to pay….actually even more when you roll in shipping and handling…what an operation!

Anyways, I had gone around the loop at the Gacha and scooped up some good chit, amazingly, I got some rares when I was actually wanting the commons!  My favorite are these Yasum*Steam Wings in Neon Blue…a rare! See the cool clock that hangs from them?!Image

I was on a blue roll for a bit, I also got this awesome hair from little bones called moonchild…another rare color…whoot, and this Phoenix crown from [DBF] in Sea, common and perfect.  I’m holding a goat plush rare from .Atomic., I was actually going for the cool headband, but I take the plushie…she just too cute and squeezable.  I got the bottle too from .Atomic….good addition to the quirky chit I have floating in my flooded beach.  The Lilac Pansy Fairy Bed  I’m sitting on is from Caverna Obscura and actually has a sleeping animation, but I really liked this pose called Elf Pin Up from Bauhaus Movement that I picked up at the now closed Pose Fair and wanted to use it :). And that cute lantern? From Noodles, the Anyaiel Lantern in silver rust (common).

Finally, keeping in the time theme (refer back up to the clock on the steampunk wings please :)), see those way cool flying clocks? Kei’s Time Flies Couples Clock in gold (rare) and a single in pink (common, but PINK).  I really, really want the ultra rare choker for this…saw Rhenu wearing it and I m.u.s.t. h.a.v.e.  Thing is though, I’m not one of those peeps that will dump tons of money to get one particular thing….I’m more of a fate and karma kinda girl.  Stay tuned….and going to the Fantasy Faire again when the lag calms down a bit!

Wanna go to the FGC? You know you do!!


Wanna come clean my beach…cause damn its a mess right now 🙂



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