Hear me ROAR!

Alchemy got their offering into the Fantasy Gacha Carnival a couple of days after the grand opening….but damn if they didn’t make up for it!  I popped over to check it out and there were hordes of peeps crowded around the Alchemy gacha machines and the chat was full of excitement.  I was easy prey when I saw the Huntress Armor…had to have it, didn’t care what color.  Amazingly, I got the rare golden lions hood and the UltraRare Scythe almost right away…whoot!  With a little trading I wound up with a full set of the gold to kick ass in.


Fate was with me as I spied Darth’s lion ([HL]) sitting on my beach doing nothing (Darth had left him there to fend for himself), so how serendipitous was that! (whoot…big word for the day :))

The set I’m wearing?

Alchemy – Huntress – Belt – Gold
Alchemy – Huntress – Top – Gold
Alchemy – Huntress – Wrist – Gold
Alchemy – Huntress – Collar – Gold
Alchemy – Lion Hood unisex – Golden – RARE
Alchemy – Huntress Scythe – ULTRA RARE

The pose is another one from ::AXIX::, Lord Crow #7  (pose fair, closed), isn’t it perfect for this shot!?

Get your Huntress set now!!



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