Rebel without a cause

I know….what in the world does she have to rebel against!?  You don’t know…maybe these jeweled panties chafe (nah, I kinda like that), maybe I haven’t had coffee yet (I haven’t), maybe I’m pissed about the Fantasy Faire closing today (I am)….or I don’t know…maybe Rebel is the name of the pose and I’m tired and couldn’t think of another title and wanted to post this tonight so I could say I posted twice in one day (bingo).  It’s Mother’s Day so I spent a good part of the day letting my assorted kidlets appreciate me, so I’ve had dinner cooked for me (I needed to drop a few pounds), flowers picked and arranged (from my now decimated garden), and had a pedi and mani (not as glamorous as it sounds when you consider a 4 year old did it, my toes are solid blue).  I’m freaking exhausted from being appreciated and I can’t get to bed fast enough.  Except I’m staying up a bit longer to go to the Fantasy Faire for the closing party.  It was only open for 11 days, not long enough to truly walk around and appreciate the incredible builds.  I did get some cool stuff on my journeys there and I’m combining some Fantasy Gacha stuff with some Fantasy Faire stuff cause it goes perfect together.


Heavy use of purple huh….I like it 🙂  The jeweled accessories are from Folly and there are a ton of pieces….so easy to mix and match.  They also come with a HUD to change up the jewels and shade of purple on all the pieces.  The Angel eyes tattoo is from Folly too (OMG, she has some awesome tattoos!) and is totally tintable.  And how perfect is the Calico Penelope hair with this, it comes with the beading hanging down the side of my face and just blends in!  Then there’s the fairy wings from ::Una::….love!  ::Una:: was my favorite find from the last round of the FGC with her cool steampunk like wings, I think I must have almost every color (except the rare, amazingly as much as I played, I never got the rare 😦 ) My dolly avie wears those wings all the time and will probably wear these fairy wings just as much.  Soooo lets see…….

Folly: Mother of Dragons Crown RFL Fantasy Faire 2014
Folly: Mother of Dragons Collar RFL Fantasy Faire 2014
Folly: Mother of Dragons Belly Ring RFL Fantasy Faire 2014
Folly: Mother of Dragons Pasties RFL Fantasy Faire 2014
Folly: Mother of Dragons Vajewels RFL Fantasy Faire 2014 (I’m gonna guess that the Va stands for vajayjay…if ya know what I mean)
Folly: Mother of Dragons Upper Arm Cuff and bracelets L RFL Fantasy Faire 2014
Folly: Mother of Dragons Slave Anklet L (Slink Mid Fit) RFL Fantasy Faire 2014
Penelope (S) Calico hair available now at FGC
Fairy Wings Silver RARE from UNA available now at FGC
::AXIX:: Rebel 02 pose (pose fair, closed)

head over to the FGC!

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