Mixing and Matching

I have all these odd and end pieces that I acquired from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  Some I was lucky enough to get the entire set, some, not so lucky.  I’m a pretty conservative gacha player….I absolutely will not keep playing like a madman (no offence to all the madmen out there of whom I will not name names, cause that would hurt Darth’s feelings)…I figure out how much something is worth to ME…and I don’t go over that amount.  I’ve known people that will spend thousands to get a specific rare……and I wonder why they don’t just go to the yard sales….but I know…they looove the adventure.  I love the bargain.  If you’re lucky, you get something super cool for under 100L, a whole set of something for a few hundred or so.  Lots of times I just go do one pull at an interesting machine and I’m happy with whatever I get.  But what to do with it all? Wellll……lets seeee…….


My friends Rhenu and Darth made this build for the Gacha.  Its a forge with all the accessories…fabulous build, fabulous textures.  I plopped the hut (rare) down on my beach with the anvil and table (also rares) and I swear, I did not notice that the lion was poking his head in the window!  Would have been funnier if I would have had a pie or something on the table :).  Thank goodness I have the hammer that goes with the set in case he starts eyeing me as a snackie!  Everything I’m wearing is pieces and parts all pulled together and I’m ready to go kick ass….with a hammer.

C’est en forgeant by Munereia – available at the FGC 

+ Mage Cloak Olive +  from {aii} – available at the FGC
!APHORISM! Green Leather Skirt (I have 3 green skirts…not a single top, so I will never match)- available at the FGC
*[MeshedUp]* Gauntlet  (I sooo want the gold helmut, but I stopped after 16 armlets and gauntlets)- available at the FGC
*[MeshedUp]* Armlet – available at the FGC
Alchemy – Huntress Gold Top (still haven’t taken it off, just keep changing the fabric and jewels)- available at the FGC
::B&C:: Warpaints Tribal 6 Rare- available at the FGC
Wasabi Pills – Michelle Mesh Hair
Pose from DM – Out of patience

Wanna see a close up of the tattoo…it really is awesome!


Head on over if you haven’t already…and if you have been….go back for more stuffs!


also…visit my flick’r and check out other pics! https://www.flickr.com/photos/59926418@N08/



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