Pretty in pink…….and gold

So I have these awesome Gold fairy wings from Una….and I may or may not be a wing ho….the rare ones from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival…and I sooo want to wear them.  They’re so girly and delicate and they speak to my need for sparkly things.  But what do you wear with golden wings? They just don’t go with everything ya know….kinda ostentatious. (whoot, big word for the day!) Then, while I’m roaming the Fantasy Faire I walk into .aisling….I freaking love everything from .aisling….and I see this crown.  But not just any crown (I may be a crown and horn ho too), this crown is spectacular…pale gold, delicate…like it was carved out of gold ivory, with draping chains, inset jewels and little butterflies resting on the edges.  It sits on the forehead just like I like, perfect for when you are wearing a hair with no bangs. The crown is perfect with the wings and sits like it was made for the Wasabi Pills hair from the Faire.  Being a fan of pink hair (and blue, sometimes purple, occasionally green) I looove how Wasabi puts out the crystal colors for events, and the pink crystal pulled everything together.  And finally, because I wasn’t feeling the nakie thing (it happens) AND I hadn’t yet taken off my Huntress top from Alchemy, I just put the HUD on and changed the fabric to pink….walaaa!  Ready for a night out in fairyville 🙂


Doesn’t pink and gold go together well?!

Alchemy – Huntress Top in Gold – Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Gold Fairy wings (RARE) ::Una:: – Fantasy Gacha Carnival
. a i s l i n g . Sumiana Crown -Spring-RFL – Fantasy Faire 2014
. a i s l i n g . Sumiana Collar -Spring-RFL – Fantasy Faire 2014 (hard to see in the pic, but equally fabulous)
Wasabi Pills/ Darienne Mesh Hair – RFL – Fantasy Faire 2014
Sari-Sari pose ground sit 05

The Faire is closing, it may still be there tomorrow, but no guarantees as it officially ended yesterday…last year it was still there for business maybe 3 days after…till Linden shut it down.

The Gacha, on the other hand, is open through the month….go!!!!!!

And my beach?  Yeah…its usually a mess…


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