Dangerous Times


Only a blonde would send a dove for help…(apparently there were no carrier pidgins available, silly dove’ll probably come back with an olive branch…….that’ll help( insert eye roll here)).  I fell in lust with this octopus necklace from 22769 and just had to use it in a Charlie picture 🙂  And sorry, I know the skirt is awesome…amazing texture….but its retired from Finesmith 😦  And finally… (2 sentences starting with “and”…tsk tsk…this is why I don’t teach English)…perhaps one day a hero will come along and save kitty chair from the evil clutches of the marauding octopus (whoot…big word of the day!)…doesn’t she look scared!

Finesmith Nofear blue mini skirt w/ belly jewels(retired)
22769 – What Lies Beneath necklace (L’Accessories)
.:EMO-tions:. Hair * JAMIE *
8f8 Bali Pavilion (available at TLC)
8f8 Bali Bamboo
Boudoir Victorian chairs
Glam Affair Livy skin, India 11 RARE (Arcade)
Kosh Wet Lips, Blood

Rack pose – Let me be your Aphrodite from Totally Top Shelf


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