Girl Power

4 girls show up to a party with the same dress on.  Biggest fashion faux pas ever.  Unless of course it was a plan….a sign of unity (more likely no one would back down and change).  I took some chicks shopping this morning at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and we all made sure we got… Read More Girl Power


Mexi Lane opened a new exhibit at Imagin@rium a couple of days ago.  The new work is by Nessuno Myoo and is entitled “No Signal”.  I had accidently stumbled upon him at the sim before the opening and watched as he put the finishing touches on.  I guess since I didn’t ask too many silly… Read More Almost

Pure Poison

Being kick ass has it’s challenges.  What to wear…what to wear.  Sometimes nothin’ but skin works…specially if it’s skin that brings the holy shit factor up a notch or 20.  Hair’s important too….along with the proper kick ass head gear.  When they all go together, you can’t lose.  I was wandering (my euphemism for spending…and whoot,… Read More Pure Poison