Do these shoes make my butt look big?


“Do these shoes make my butt look big?”
“Your butt IS big, these black one’s have a slimming effect on me”
“So you think, and besides, blue is the new black”
“Can I eat the fruit on mine?”
“You have fruit? I have butterflies.  Can I eat the butterflies on mine?”

Putting shoes on flamingo’s….it’s like herding cats

The Summer of Love Fair opened the other day and as is appropriate I fell in love with this pose from Dyer Maker that can be found there.  It was my inspiration for this picture that pairs the cute flamingo’s from !Ohmai and the fabulous (and I do mean fabulous) shoes from Boudoir, available at OMGacha, which opened today and runs through the 15th of July.  The Pink Diamond necklace from Boudoir is also available from the same event….so worth a run over to peruse the goodies!  The outfit?  Boudoir…as is the hair… can’t go wrong with anything from the store…truly.  Now if I can only stop the flamingo’s from trying to eat said outfit :0

Boudoir Lovely Shoes Collection @ OMGacha
Boudoir Plastic Diamonds Pink @ OMGacha
Boudoir Fairy Affair outfit w/ headpiece
Boudoir Fairytale hair (coffee)
*COCO* Doll, female w/ bodysuit and corset legs

!Ohmai: Flamingos @ SummerFest’ 14, till July 13th

Dyer Maker Summer of LovePose #04 @ the Summer of Love Fair, till July 11th

Taken on my beach in Rideau

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