Sometimes I’m resistant to change…I held on to the same skin for over 3 years.  About 3 years ago, I got my land just the way I liked it….down to the last blade of grass….I was extremely proud of myself.  I had every manner of “living” things wandering around.  4 Amaretto horses…on the beach and yes,… Read More Patience

The Journey Begins

It’s here again…that time of the year when the hordes start amassing around Casablanca Bay for a chance at a coveted rare from a favorite creator.  That’s right…The Arcade is open for business.  While I don’t go insane for gacha’s, I do love the thrill of a bargain, which is usually what I get cause… Read More The Journey Begins

Last Dance

I’m a Barbie girl…in this Barbie world       (you can thank me later for putting that song in your head) And if Barbie (or Roxi) wants to waste away to a skeleton she damn well can….cause she still gets to wear stunning dresses and her hair always looks good (till your little sister discovers scissors).  Another upside?  Ken… Read More Last Dance

Pure Poison

Being kick ass has it’s challenges.  What to wear…what to wear.  Sometimes nothin’ but skin works…specially if it’s skin that brings the holy shit factor up a notch or 20.  Hair’s important too….along with the proper kick ass head gear.  When they all go together, you can’t lose.  I was wandering (my euphemism for spending…and whoot,… Read More Pure Poison

Bad Ass Faun

Still psyched about the Fantasy Gacha Carnival… opened just a few minutes ago and has major amounts of can’t live withouts.  My friend Rhenu, owner and designer of Munereia, made this awesome outfit called Furred & Frilled that comes with this little skirt, top and leggings.  Ya know all the bad ass fauns dress like… Read More Bad Ass Faun