Femme Fatales

femme fatales

Good girls go to heaven…bad girls go everywhere

So if you’re gonna be bad, be the best bad you can be

The Dark Dress just screams bad…you can’t not be bad in it….go ahead….try.  This ridiculously hot dress from Pixicat can be found @ Rhapsody, along with the Dark Armbands….fabulous!

The other newest “wet” hair from Argrace is Natsume…shorter than Hikari…just as sexy…with little water droplets all over.  It comes with a hud that allows you to control how wet you want your hair to look!

femme fatales close

Check out the detail on the dress….beautiful!  And then there’s the shoes…ohhh the shoesss…….

femme fatale shoes

My friend Brie sent me the MP link and said these looked like me….and she was right…these are soooo me!  Just to make them perfect…I happen to be a Scorpio…..can we say karma!  And the monkey on the anklet seems to be laughing at the scorpions….bad monkey…..

*Argrace* Natsume hair – silver NEW
-Pixicat- TheDark Dress – solids @ Rhapsody till July 12th
-Pixicat- TheDark armbands @ Rhapsody till July 12th
The Creatures Scorpio shoes, black
Tantalum Ankle Bracelets @ Gacha Garden, opening tomorrow!  (the 7th)

Zibska Viveka Earrings

Glam Affair Livy skin, India 11 (Arcade)
Koketka lashes v.20
Kosh Wet Lips – Blood

Boudoir Victorian Marilyn Chair

HPMD bubble chair – Lucky Chair prize!

::Axix:: Venus #4 pose @ The Fantasy Room till the 25th



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