Dripping Wet

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Summers are hot here in these neck of the woods.  Folks tend to stay indoors and crank the air down….and when we do venture out…its in as little clothing as possible.  Sometimes that’s just not a pretty sight either. Humidity making you feel like you’re in a sauna and just dragging you down…and that’s just from the front door to the car.  You eye up every body of water and imagine yourself laying in it to cool off…..from a kiddie pool  to the fountain in front of a shopping mall…..nothings off limits when it tops 95 degrees and 90% humidity.  You pray for rain….and you get it every afternoon…but right after the rain the humidity amps up…can’t win.  Wet hair’s pretty common around here, be it from humidity, rain or somebody’s hose….don’t laugh…you know how good it feels to put a hose over your head and let it pour.  It just cools your body down and makes you feel good…that’s what the new hair from Argrace reminds me of.  Stepping out of that fountain dripping wet and not a care in the world…and so what if everyone’s staring (they’re just jealous).

It’s the 4th of July today (I did my Independence Day post yesterday…kinda like they do the fireworks) which marks not only America’s independence, but my blogs 1st birthday….whoot!!  This is my 96th post…4 more to 100…double whoot!  My goal is to hit 100 posts by Sunday…easy squeezy 🙂

[[Masoom]] Touch me not bodysuit @ OMGacha (till July 31st, 50L pre play)
-Pixicat- The Dark – armbands @ Rhapsody
*Argrace* Hikari hair in midnight NEW
Fallen Gods – TAO Yin skin
Clemmm – oil drippings – full
::Axix:: Morpheus tattoo #4
.:Coll:. Quoth the Raven Tattoo

::Axix:: Venus poses #6 @ The Fantasy Room (from July 5th to the 25th….70L!)

HPMD bubble chairs (from the lucky chair)

Below is the ad for the Masoom Touch me not bodysuit @ OMGacha…to give you an idea of the colors its available in 🙂

[[ Masoom]]  Touch me not

And the ad for the Axix poses…so you can see the different poses 🙂

__Axix__ venus.

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