Our Secret Hideout

The Secret Garden

Yesterday morning I logged into my last location, forgetting where I had been (pre coffee and all)and was a bit disoriented.  You’ve had it happen before no doubt…and the first thing you do is check to make sure you’re dressed.  I’ve had some awkward moments in the past when I couldn’t tp out fast enough. Quickly enough I realize I’m still on my friend Darth’s sim, LennonParkontheRock.  We had been taking a picture the night before ….and who knew his picture would make me cry all damn morning….more on that when I can pull myself together and not be a big crybaby.  Darth had set up 8f8’s Our Secret Hideout from The Seasons Story…and did a fabulous job.  I’m an opportunist …. and a lazy opportunist at that …I had not set up my Secret Garden yet and Darth had done such a nice job…..no water involved….but still.  Since I was all alone, I put on my Demeter gown from Luminary, the leafes necklace and rose tiara from 22769 and my suuuuper yummy Dura-Girl hair and started scouting the location.  Karma was on my side…I spied a pose stand by a wall and hopped on….perfect!!  It actually looks like the leaning pose was made for the wall.  It’s kind of a girly pose, so I assumed Darth’s hunnibunni Rhenu had set up the little area and taken a shot there.  One look at her blog and that was confirmed…and I was totally comfortable borrowing the set up…and the pose…thank youuuu Rhenu ❤  It’s those special moments that make my SL so happy.

Secret Garden close up

I will, of course, be happy for the next couple of weeks….The Secret Affair is opening on the 15th and I’m soooo excited!  Everybody put on your best Pointer Sister impersonation and sing along!  My dress (color blurple….is that a real color…who cares… I love it), necklace and tiara (do you looove that tiara!?) are all going to be available at The Secret Affair in a couple of days…whooot!  Check out their Flick’r and website for an idea of what’s coming your way!  As soon as it’s available, I’ll start putting the LM on all my posts 🙂

Without reservation, I can say that ibi of 8f8 (I just really like saying that, ibi of 8f8) is my favorite “cool shit to have around” designer on the grid.  I am never disappointed…never.  My land is overflowing with 8f8 goodies…in, around and on all my Studio Skye landscaping ( damn you Alex Bader for making me spend so much!) and it makes me so happy to just wander around and take in all the fabulousness….small things that just grab you and won’t let go.  The “Our Secret Hideout” set is like that …whimsical little items that makes you wonder what’s in ibi’s head…and how you lived without these things before.  The hanging mobiles are so sweet I can’t stand myself.  Well, you don’t have to live without them …hop over to The Season’s Story and start your collection now….or when you can get in…but soon!  🙂

Luminary Demeter gown, blurple (coming soon from The Secret Affair)
22769 Rose Tiara, silver (rare) (coming soon from The Secret Affair)
22769 Leafes Necklace, silver (coming soon from The Secret Affair)
*Dura-Girl*54 (Pink)
*COCO* Doll, female

8f8 – 02. Our Secret Hideout – Meadow Tree Bench – RARE
8f8 – 13. Our Secret Hideout – Crate of Wisdom
8f8 – 19. Our Secret Hideout – Precious Thoughts
8f8 – 14. Our Secret Hideout – Little Sketchbook
8f8 – 15. Our Secret Hideout – Magic Box
8f8 – 08. Our Secret Hideout – Butterfly Light (Hanging)
8f8 – 17. Our Secret Hideout – Our Memories

[we’re CLOSED] ruined cottage

aDORKable poses Lean 10

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