Overstaying your welcome

Overstaying your welcome

Zombies.  Like freaking stray dogs…ya give them one meal and you can’t get rid of them.

Sooo many things happening right now….I’ll try to get to each in this and the next couple of posts this weekend.  What’s going away sooon….SummerFest’ 14….nooooo, say it ain’t sooooo 😦  Tomorrow is the last day, so run down now and get any last minute gotta haves while its all in one place!

While you’re running around tomorrow…check out the great finds for Lazy Sunday.  Frogstar has this super cute Seaside lounger for only 75L and you get 3 designs n the color pack that you choose!  Of course it has animations built in, I’m using one for the pic.  Remember the old days of SL when furniture came with pose balls on top!?  Good times.

The Nexus Event is still going strong till the 23rd…and I still looove that gynoid avatar from LNS!  Frogstar has this audio system there…looks like something George Jetson would have in his house. Just for that ya gotta love it!

Save the Date is pretty popular right now and runs till July 31st…don’t wait till the last minute.  The bbq set from Kei’s is too cute to pass up.  It comes with the picnic table, the bbq pit, the ice chest and the food.  Animations are built in here too, including eating and drinking, which Zombie Jarath (AKA the freeloader) is using for the picture.

Serafilms movie this round is the Godfather 2….a classic sequel… and strangely enough, my daughters favorite movie of all time.  She knows it word for word…does the impressions and all….scary child…if she didn’t look just like me I’d wonder if she was switched in the hospital.  [free bird] has 2 awesome offerings this round in honor of the movie, a fedora and freaking awesome mugshot signs…ones funnier than the next.  I put out profile perving cause I am a proud and well know pervert…errr….perver.  If you’re in the same area as me and stand still for more than 2 minutes, I promise you I am perving you AND inspecting everything you’re wearing.

And finally…who’s not waiting for The Secret Affair to open??  It promises to be THE event to be at from the 15th till the 29th.  The chosen theme is Medieval Masquerade, with a touch of William Shakespeare’s “A midsummer night’s dream”! Each designer was hand selected, and limited to 40. Boasting a dream like setting its sure to be the talk of SL for the next 2 weeks.  The Sundress from yumyums, the blossom tiara from 22769 and my eye makeup from TheSkinnery are all going to be there.  The inspiration for the theme came from a Birdy video called Wings…check it out, then go check out the event when it opens. Also, check out the Flick’r and the web site for great pics and details of the event.

Wow, 6 events in one post….surely there’s an award or something for that??  The only thing in the picture that didn’t come from a current event is my CaTwa C4 hair…its a favorite since it came out and never disappoints me 🙂

Frogstar – Seaside Lounger @ Lazy Sunday
Kei’s PIcnic Table (texture change version) @ Save the Date (till July 31st)
Kei’s Cold Ones Cooler (soda&beer) @ Save the Date
Kei’s BBQ Grill (blue) @ Save the Date
Frogstar – Orionis Audio System (Berry) @ The Nexus Event
[ free bird ] Black Felt Fedora @ Serafilms
[ free bird ] Mugshot Sign – Profile Perving RARE @ Serafilms
.{yumyums}. Summertime Sun Dress @ The Secret Affair
22769 ~ Blossom Tiara yellow [common] @ The Secret Affair
[TheSkinnery] Masquerade Black Ink Makeup #1 @ The Secret Affair
^;^CaTwa^;^ Mesh C4 V2 Hair

!Ohmai: Flamingo @ SummerFest’ 14

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