Cowgirls and butterflies






Cowgirls and butterflies

You know when you see awesome hats or headpieces that you simply must have…can’t live without…looks fabulous in the sale picture….and you buy it.  You get it home, open it up and excitedly plop it on and wait for the fabulous to begin.  Well…the hat IS fabulous…but sadly your hair is sticking through it no matter what you do.  You look in your inventory for hat friendly hair….nerp.  So you try to resize the hat…resize your head…either way you look ridiculous.  And this is when you start to cry.  Then beat up anyone who was laughing at you in your attempt to look as fabulous as the sales picture. I know.  You know.  We’ve all been there.  So we rejoice like mad when we see an awesome hat with awesome hair attached…whoots!  Argrace has made me sooo happy with this cowgirl hat….the hair is so beautiful…with the quality you’ve come to expect from Argrace.  There are 2 long hairs (one is a braid) and 2 short hairs…and truly, they’re all unisex.  The hat is fabulous….excellent texture and sits perfect….makes you feel like roping a cowboy.  The hairs are all available right now at the Hair Fair.

Something else that makes me happy…8f8…anything from 8f8…but if it involves whimsical ….AND butterflies….holy cow.  New at The Seasons Story is Our Secret Hideout…a collection of fantastical pieces perfect for any garden niche.  The butterfly and bird mobiles are my favorite….they’re paper cutouts….amazing….just amazing.  If you haven’t already, you have to make your way down and start your collection!

Last, but certainly not least…The Secret Affair.  It opened yesterday to the excitement of many.  It was full within minutes and has stayed busy.  I popped over earlier today to take a picture and there was a nice crowd….and amazingly…no lag.  People were focused and there was a good amount of open chatter.  The setting is magical….the creations are spectacular…what more could you ask for 🙂

8f8 – Our Secret Hideout collection @ The Seasons Story
*Argrace* Cowboy Hat – Minami @ The Hair Fair
22769 ~ Leafes necklace, silver @ The Secret Affair
*COCO* Doll, female

[we’re CLOSED] Ruined Cottage





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