Who doesn’t think roses and metal make the perfect seductress?  My entire look, down to the incredibly fabulous skin, comes from The Secret Affair.  Design your seductress at The Secret Affair…open till the 29th. (Gonna need a handyman to get me out of this armor)

DRD Brynhild Armor
Peqe – Rose skirt
RO – CogsWorth Horns (Steam)
little bones. Baptism
[Tia] Masquerade Jewel Necklace
Alchemy – Birdy – Dreamer skin ~Pure~
[theSkinnery] Masquerade Black Ink Makeup #2
KoKoLoReS Soft Silk Lipstick – Raspberry

{anc} canopy:lace: @ TLC

Del May Pose, Sidesaddle #1




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