Somewhere in Eden, after all this time, does there still stand, like a city in ruins, forsaken, doomed to slow decay, the failed garden? “Eden” by Ina Rousseau The Secret Affair little bones. Eden II hair @ The Secret Affair :V.e. Lost Love Gown XXS Charcoal Plaid @ The Secret Affair *~*Illusions*~* Sylph Ears .Birdy.… Read More Eden


How’s you’re “ewwwwie” factor?  Mine went through the roof when I looked in Zibska’s Greetje box and wondered what an “Overloard” was…so I popped it on….squinted…and went…..ewwwwwwwwwww.  Love at first sight…yessiree.  I didn’t want to wear clothing with the buggies (literally) and well…I had a fabulous reason to be nekid anyway (like I need a… Read More Madeline


  Hi, my name is Roxi and I’m an 8f8 addict.  A self confessed addict.  A proud shout it from the mountain tops and (somewhat) crazed addict. I know I am not alone either…..you’re out there…you’re allll out there.  You know who you are.  The other night…the 7th to be exact…you were there…staring at the… Read More Blossom


Who doesn’t think roses and metal make the perfect seductress?  My entire look, down to the incredibly fabulous skin, comes from The Secret Affair.  Design your seductress at The Secret Affair…open till the 29th. (Gonna need a handyman to get me out of this armor) DRD Brynhild ArmorPeqe – Rose skirtieQED rose.string.crown.winter RARERO – CogsWorth Horns (Steam)little… Read More Brynhild