Livin’ in the clouds

cloudland whole

I know right!  Who wouldn’t want to live here??  From the imagination of 8f8 straight to your SL comes Cloudland, available at the newest event on the grid, The Dreamers Factory.  If you haven’t been, go, the design is incredible and half the fun.

cookin' on clouds

Closer look at ibi’s clouds….yeah…they’re amazing.  The design possibilities are endless…and I’ll bet they’d look good floating on water too…hmmmm.  I’m currently hanging in the kitchen…don’t I look like I’m ready to cook?  More like I’m waiting for someone to come cook for me.  Can’t be messing up the hair…I’m kinda in lust with this Analog Dog hair and may just keep changing the colors and not take it off for a while.  The Marisol dress is from Lolapop and is available now at the L’amitie Market on the Rack Poses sim.  Lola has some awesome stuff and a new store location…be sure to check it out!  The cool dragonfly shoes will be available Saturday when the Wild Things Event opens up…a gacha not to be missed.  The build is amazing and includes the characters from the story “Where the wild things are”…and if that’s not enough to get you there…go for the fabulous designers….and the surprise gift that is not to be passed up :).

cloudland face

I’m still also really attached to the ieQED rose crown from The Secret Affair… just goes so well with the hair.  Its a rare, so you may have to work for it…but it’s soooo worth it!  The necklace is from Tantalum and is available at Fresh Style, a newish biweekly event with some great bargains. The necklace I have on is from a set of 3, all inspired from chemicals in our brain that trigger certain emotions in us all….fun huh?! 

Lolapop Marisol dress @ L’amitie Market till Aug. 2nd
Diva Summer Dazzle Slink High Silver Dragonfly shoes available at The Wild Things Event (2 more days till it opens!)
AD hair – 42 – splash @ The Hair Fair
ieQED RARE @ The Secret Affair
~Tantalum~ Dev ed: Serotonin Necklace: Happiness/Satisfaction @ Fresh Style
Belleza Rose skin
KoKoLoReS Soft Silk Lipsticks – Raspberry
Koketka eyelashes v.20
#adored – sleepy shadows – jeans

8f8 – Dreamer’s Cloudland – Clouds Cooking Cloud @ The Dreamers Factory
8f8 – Dreamer’s Cloudland – Sleeping Sun Cloud @ The Dreamers Factory
8f8 – Dreamer’s Cloudland – Ladder @ The Dreamers Factory
8f8 – Dreamer’s Cloudland – Home Cloud @ The Dreamers Factory

Del May pose – Stairway

Taken at Lennon Park (yes, I photobombed Darth’s set-up, it’s open to the public, so feel free to drop over and admire ibi’s hard work….and take a picture or two :))

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