One of my favorite things to do mid morning is nothing.  At all.  Really.  When I get the opportunity that is.  Laying around like the Queen of Sheba…my mom used to say that’s what I was doing.  I had no idea who that was, but dayam, I soooo wanted to grow up and be her.  If you can lay around on a gorgeous bed in next to nothing…even better.  A sexy guy popping grapes in your mouth and then passing his finger over your lips….yeah…movin’ on… 

Everywhere you look right now there’s an event going on …you just can’t miss them….and such goodies to be found.  Ever popular is The Secret Affair with its Midsummer’s Night Dream theme and enchanted forest setting.  Sitting right in a sunlit glade is Tia’s Aristocrats bed…as opulent and decadent as you could ask for.  With amazing textures and a full menu of animations (adult included…byom/w…bring your own man/woman) it’s easily the must have bed for classy ass people like me. 

Also on the grid…Project Limited.  You’ve been there, limited editions items never to be sold again after the event and always at bargain prices.  Masoom has this “Too hot for you” top….with only 50 to be sold at 100L…scurry over and pick one up before they’re all gone.  I went this morning…you still have time!

On the 26th we’ll see The Wild Things, a new event that takes its theme from the childrens book “Where the wild things are”.  The setting is so like the book, you may want to stay just to wander and take pictures.  Divalicious made these Dragonfly shoes for the event…perfect with the Slink high feet.

Tia Masquerade

Tia also made this Masquerade necklace for The Secret Affair.  The detail is spectacular and there is a hud for changing the jewels.  Whimsical and classy all in one!

[[Masoom]] Too hot for you top @ Project Limited
Zibska ~ Cecily undies @ The Secret Affair
[Tia] The Aristocrats Bed @ The Secret Affair
[Tia] Masquerade Jewel @ The Secret Affair
ieQED rose.string.crown.winter RARE @ The Secret Affair
AD hair – 42 – splash @ the Hair Fair
Divalicious Diva Summer Dazzle Slink High Silver Dragonfly Shoes
Belleza Rose skin
KoKoLoReS Soft Silks Lipstick – Raspberry
Koketka Eyelashes v.20
#adored sleepy shadows – jeans

..::Vibe::.. Free Spirit 08 pose



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