The Regatta

The Regatta

The Wild Things of Gacha have come out to play!   Come visit the lavish forest where birds fly above, animals walk beside you and … monsters…  friendly ones…  are around every corner. Cross any one of the three bridges to get to a Gacha vendor meadow… each meadow is different and each creator has put out amazing collections!  I should warn you though… beware of pirates!  Make sure you pick up your wonderful free gift from Balaclava, and oh!  Make sure you say hi to Big Blue… you’ll know him as soon as you see him!  If you have questions about the set design OR, in the much preferred alternative, want to praise the set designer, date him or have him sign your t-shirt, please contact Zero Sideways. (He’ll be the one with the soft, fluffy hair…his words, not mine)  Most of our flotilla is from the event…you can’t not want those boats or clouds from 8f8!  Too much fun to miss 🙂

The Month of Games still has a bit over 4 days left before the doors close.  If you played chess, Clue (or Cluedo) or Candy Land as a child….you owe it to yourself to hop over and check out the fun build and great designs all themed around these 3 board games.  My dress from MOoH! is available in the Candy Land section of the build….too cute!  It ends on the 31st, so don’t waste anytime making it over…you know you want to be Ms. Scarlett!

Also not long for this round is the Pre-Release Gacha Garden… ending on Aug. 3rd.  The ridiculously cute plaid and striped bunnies from MOoH! are to be found there.

Lastly…I know…the hair…I took it off…I put it back on…I love it.  It was at the Hair Fair, but since today was the last day, it’ll be at the Analog Dog store soon.  Go…get it….we’ll take twinsey pics!  And while you’re at it…stop by The Secret Affair before Wednesday and get the rose crown from ieQED…I keep putting it back on too.

MOoH! Lolita dress @ The Month of Games
AD – 42 – splash Hair
ieQED RARE @ The Secret Affair
COCO doll, female

From The Wild Things Gacha Event:
Splatterby Longtailed Burple by Fuschia Nightfire
Splatterby Sunny Frilly by Fuschia Nightfire
8f8 -Inside the Story – Boat
8f8 – Inside the Story – Clouds
MOoH! Unicorn with butterflies white/pink
MOoH! Unicorn with butterflies Purple
RAGmedia – Queen Beez RARE
Nothing Special – SCRUFF TED bear
Nothing Special -BUN EYE bunny
Nothing Special -VIN_TED bear
Bokeh – Wild Goat Thing ‘plaid’ Rare
Bokeh – Wild Goat Thing ‘polar’
Bokeh – Wild Goat Thing ‘panda’ Rare
Sway’s [Wild Things] Lounger . alligator RARE
Sway’s [Wild Things] Stool . jellyfish aqua
Schadenfreude Chestnut Wombat
Schadenfreude Rose Wombat

Alchemy – Dreams – Spirit Fawn Familiar – RARE @ The Secret Affair

MOoH! Bunny seat Plaid white RARE @ the Pre-Release Gacha Garden
MOoH! Bunny seat Stripe lilac RARE @ the Pre-Release Gacha Garden

.GlamRus Kidz. Spring Walk Pose

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