I’ve been meaning to get over to H220 for some time.  By now, everyone’s seen pictures of the flooded, rainy sim.  With the right windlight…its dark and ominous and waiting for a mystery to unfurl.  The House of Usher could easily fit in behind the ancient, broken gates (google it!). I’ve also been waiting for the right opportunity to showcase the deviousMIND dress from The Secret Affair.  All wrapped up in satin and pearls…its decadent and sexy as hell.  Its begging to be worn by a mysterious woman with deep secrets and deeper desires.  Know of any?

The hair? Analog Dogs “ring”, a classic turn on the femme fatales found in film noir.  Its soft, romantic, sexy, dangerous…all the qualities you want in a woman.  Ring was one of the 3 Analog Dog hairs in the Hair Fair, which closed yesterday…but Ms. Marlowe assures me that she will have it available instore soon for anyone who missed it.

The Secret Affair is also coming to a close…2 days actually.  The gates will close on the 29th and A Midsummers Night Dream will be no more.  Make an effort in these last few days to wander over and make sure you haven’t missed anything…it’s simply amazing to have such wondrous creations available in one place… and such a magical place at that 🙂

!dM Satine outfit **PEARL** @ The Secret Affair
AD – ring – light blondes
Glam Affair – Livy skin – India 11
Kosh wet lips – blood
#adored sleepy shadows – jeans
Slink elegant hands and high feet

::Axix:: Drama 7 Pose

Taken at H220

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