Just us chicks

Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!

Just us chicks1

Sooo many things to do and see around the grid right now…there’s absolutely no excuse for being bored.  Shopping is my amusement of choice usually…right up there with exploring and people watching…errr…avie watching.  Me and my mermaid gf are currently cooling off after a long day of shopping in [free birds] bird bath with some chickadees.  The cute strappy summer dress from MOoH is available at the Unique Room till the 22nd and has the cutest designs.

just us chicks closeup1

The birdbath and chickadees are precious and are available at Fit For a Princess till the end of the month.  The chickadees are animated and hop from the rim to the water…… chirping all the while.  The adorable mermaid is from [[Masoom]].  You can get her or one of her friends at the Pre-Release Garden Gacha all month and have a mermaid party!

just us chicks side1

The hair….ohhhh…the hair…..new from Argrace.  So pretty and soooo versatile.  I have yet to not like anything from Argrace and Konomi is no exception.  The headpiece adorning my new hair is from Frogstar and is ironically called the Mermaid’s Headpiece.  It’s available at We<3RP (I think I may have bought half of the current round from this event) till the end of the month.


The building we’re in, The Hall of Water and Air, is currently at Totally Top Shelf and is also from Frogstar.  Ravenna Rossini of Frogstar is one of the hardest working chicks in SL….she’s always designing and in almost every event you can think of.  I should have asked her to come relax with me and the chicks…and maybe have a cool glass of white wine…..and cake…yusssss…cake…

The sunbathing poses are currently at The Great Summer Bash and are from Dyer Maker…another hard working chick…we coulda had a chick party!  There you have it…6 different events…6 different designers.  No excuses.  So go!  Stop staring at your screen and go shopping…or adventuring…or avie watching (just bring me cake first)!

Hall of water and air

Oh, the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done!

“Oh the places you will go” Dr. Seuss

MOoH! Strappy summer dress @ The Unique Room
Frogstar – Mermaid’s Headpiece (Gold) @ We<3RP
[[Masoom]] cute mermaid Gold RARE @ Pre-Release Garden Gacha

[free bird] My Little Chickadees – Bird Bath @ Fit for a Princess
Frogstar – Hall of Water & Air @ Totally Top Shelf

Dyer Maker Sunbathing poses @ The Great Summer Bash

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