Saying goodbye

A Clockwork Spiral comes to an end tomorrow….a fabulous event for such a worthy cause.  According to the website, as of yesterday over $2,600 (dollars, not lindens) had been raised for the National Kidney Foundation…not bad for 1 sim and 2 weeks!  My favorite thing without a doubt was the skins and outfits from Fallen Gods. … Read More Saying goodbye

50 Shades

blah blah As promised…a second post on a Monday….whoots! Uber opens it’s doors to a new round this Wednesday and the theme is….wait for it……little more…..little more…..50 shades!  Yesssss…..can you just imagine what kind of yummy designs there will be?! To start….Brooke…the newest skin from Belleza….flawless…elegant….absolutely beautiful. Then there’s Vixen…the newest hair from Truth for… Read More 50 Shades


So how about I make this short and sweet?  It’s Monday…and because I was not the lucky winner of the powerball Saturday night, I had to get up at the crack of dawn and go face teenagers all day.  I want to wrap up a couple of things before 2 events end….The Secret Affair tonight… Read More Libertine

Steam Pirates

Newness from CaTwA!   Daizy sports pigtails with optional sideswept bangs (not wearing them)…too cute not to wear and perfect with a kick ass steampunk pirate hat!  A Clockwork Spiral is still going strong with another week left and the goodies are….well….goodie!  Check out the plasma distorter pistol I’m just waving around like nobody’s business…I know… Read More Steam Pirates


Somewhere in Eden, after all this time, does there still stand, like a city in ruins, forsaken, doomed to slow decay, the failed garden? “Eden” by Ina Rousseau The Secret Affair little bones. Eden II hair @ The Secret Affair :V.e. Lost Love Gown XXS Charcoal Plaid @ The Secret Affair *~*Illusions*~* Sylph Ears .Birdy.… Read More Eden


I feel like I just started summer a couple of weeks ago, and now I’m getting all excited about a cold front coming in…..holy cow it could dip down into the lower 90’s!!  Autumn is closing in…and except for the having to go back to work part…it’s my favorite time of the year.  The crisp… Read More Autumn