Emily’s Identity Crisis

2 more fabulous must haves (and a teaser) from the newly opened Arcade.  Belleza has the Emily skin out, a soft, beautiful skin that everyone will love.  The rares boast freckles but all come with lip gloss and moles if you so choose to wear them.  Below are the lighter shades.  Paired with the Emily skin is Analog Dogs Identity Crisis hair…..Queue always makes the cutest hair for the Arcade!  The light skinned Emily is wearing the rare Hippy Mayhem hair, which comes in blondes. 

Emily's Identity Crisis Lights (2)

Then there’s the medium skins paired up with the Yes/No hairs, which come in shades of brown.  I love the hud with these hairs….they allow you to choose fades that add so much interest to the hair!

Emily's Identity Crisis Mediums

Finally, the darker shades.  The Love you/ Hate you hair is a rare and comes in blacks…who knew there were so many shades of black!?  Emily’s darker skin works really well with the black hair.  I’m a blonde/ pastel girl and I was really surprised how much I liked the way this darker skin and hair looked on me….like it’s me….but a different me…ya know?!

Emily's Identity Crisis 2

I’ve been looking over the pictures trying to decide which I like best….it’s really a toss up…I kind of like them all.  I am going to pick one to put in my profile and to put on Flick’r…it’ll just take some deliberation … and maybe a coin toss.  I used the Mandala Artemis necklace with the pics….I love it and I love all the fabulous things I’ve picked up at Collabor88 this month!

And wait….what’s that in the background!?  It looks like a coffee shop.  I see a copper espresso machine in there…..hmmmm….where would that be from?  (hint – it’s @ the Arcade right now)  Not to worry, my next post will reveal all ❤

-Belleza_ Emily skins @ the Arcade
AD – identity crisis – Hippy Mayhem Rare @ the Arcade
AD – identity crisis – Love you/Hate you Rare @ the Arcade
AD – identity crisis – Yes/No @ the Arcade
Necklace [MANDALA]Odyssey-Artemis(White) @ Collabor88

8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe @ the Arcade

Izzie’s headshot pose # 5

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