Old School

“But Mr. Goldrozen, I’m too pretty to do math!!”

Old School

I teach in a public high school…which means 2 things….nothing scares me and I’ve heard more ridiculous shit than I can shake a stick at.  Or write 3 books about.  Stupidest shit I ever heard…that’s what I’d call it (after I retire of course, it would be awkward before then).  I’m here to tell you….there ARE stupid questions…you just don’t say that out loud.  I have perfected my “in head” voice and my “in head” faces…..someone says something way off the chart, I just keep repeating in my “in head” voice “don’t make a face, don’t make a face”.  I had a girl tell me that there probably is life on the moon, we’ve just never seen them.  When I mentioned that we had been to the moon several times, she rolled her eyes at me and said (I swear) “Well duh!  They’re probably hiding behind the rocks so no one see’s them!”  Like I’m the idiot.  I said high school right?  I gave an essay quiz once where I asked how we could get clean, fresh water to Africa.  Keep in mind that we had been covering water resources for a week now.  One student said we should load up refrigerated trucks with glacial ice from Antarctica and drive it over.  She was really upset at her F and wanted to argue her position, adding that her solution also created jobs for the Africans and Antarcticans (swear).  When I mentioned that they hadn’t finished building the bridge from Antarctica to Africa she asked how long it would take till they were done.  My inner voice was in tears.  Sarcasm is sooo wasted on some peeps.  I am so grateful for my sense of humor and for the ability (gift really) to smile throughout the day….of course…massive amounts of coffee help.

Old School full

The Arcade is officially opening in 1 hour…..let the stampede begin!!!  Sari-Sari’s contribution to the gacha event of the season is Old School, a collection of classroom pieces sure to bring back a memory or two in everyone.  The chalkboard is my favorite, you can change the graphic to other subjects like geography.  I chose math because math teachers looove their chalkboards….those are always the people with chalk all over their arms in Wal Mart after school.  I personally am not a fan of math, I respect its place of importance in the world, but like nuclear fusion, electricity and eradicating the Ebola virus …I leave that chit to somebody else.  I’m also wearing the Belleza skin and Analog Dog hair from the Arcade…both fabulous and both getting featured in the next post this afternoon, so stay tuned ❤

The Black Dot Project is also opening at midnight.  The cute skirt from MOoH!  is an exclusive design for 
for the event running from Sept 1 – 22.  It was so perfect for a classroom picture, as were the maryjanes from Reign 🙂

Old School side

Sari-Sari – Old School Set @ the Arcade
Sari-Sari – Old School – Chalkboard
Sari-Sari – Old School – Shelf Unit RARE
Sari-Sari – Old School – Table w/ sits
Sari-Sari – Old School – Armchair w/sits RARE
Sari-Sari – Old School – Chair w/sits
Sari-Sari – Old School – Metal Case
Sari-Sari – Old School – Flashcards (math)
Sari-Sari – Old School – Notebook
Sari-Sari – Old School – Flashcards (objects)
Sari-Sari – Old School – Flashcards (oink)
Sari-Sari – Old School – Library Books
Sari-Sari – Old School – Chalk
Sari-Sari – Old School – Ledger
Sari-Sari – Old School – Leather Case
Sari-Sari – Old School – Wood Case (planes – lefty)
Sari-Sari – Old School – Wire Baskets

AD – identity crisis – hippy mayhem – light blondes @ the Arcade
MOoH! pleated mini skirt with belt @ the Black Dot Project
:V.e. Chrissie Relaxed Jacket
*League* Ribbon tied tanktop
~Tantalum~ Dev ed: Caffeine Necklace
*Reign.- MaryJanes- Black

-Belleza- Emily #2 Rare @ the Arcade

[ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Suit – Grey
Truth Hair, – Jason – cocoa

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