Well, I said I needed to get dark and steamy for A Clockwork Spiral….and I’m getting there!  Fallen Gods is off the chart spectabulous (yeah, that’s a word…my word…but still) when it comes to avies.  My previous favorite freaking cool skin was the Tao yin/yang skin….half black/half silverfish….amazing…still love it and use it.  Anna may have notched it’s way to the #1 spot though…who knew I wanted to be rusty?!  The set comes complete…shape, skin, hair, eyes, outfit….the only thing I added here were my elf ears from Southpaw…cause they add that special touch…and they’re gold ❤

The pose is from the Against the Wall set by Dyer Maker, available for a few more days at Suicide Dollz, then it’ll be in her store 🙂

+Fallen Gods Inc.+ Anna full avatar @ A Clockwork Spiral

<SP> Puck Elf Ears @ The Seelie Court
Dyer Maker Against the Wall pose @ Suicide Dollz

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