Exceptional goodness from Axix for the FGC.  Zhilan is an interesting set comprised of a mask, a scarf, a bracelet and hand wings. Huds are included to change metal and fabric colors on the mask and scarf.  Then there’s the hand wings….who thinks of that!!?  Look how absolutely cool they are….they’re mod…so stretch them up or down…make… Read More Zhilan

The Dreaming Tree

Tales of Fantasy’s theme this round is Woodland Creatures…so Ravenghost made this absolutely awesome “dreaming tree”…perfect for any magical wood or fairy land.  The trees are animated and the leaves and butterflies change color on their own.  You can set it to have the leaves fall or not…you so want them too though…they just float around… Read More The Dreaming Tree

The Unseelie

What is it about evil that just brings out the “game on” attitude?  This months round of the Seelie Court is dedicated to the Unseelie, the most malicious, malevolent and evil of the faeries. Some Scottish legends claim that the Unseelie were fallen Seelie, those who couldn’t live up to the strict standards of chivalry… Read More The Unseelie

Saying goodbye

A Clockwork Spiral comes to an end tomorrow….a fabulous event for such a worthy cause.  According to the website, as of yesterday over $2,600 (dollars, not lindens) had been raised for the National Kidney Foundation…not bad for 1 sim and 2 weeks!  My favorite thing without a doubt was the skins and outfits from Fallen Gods. … Read More Saying goodbye


Well, I said I needed to get dark and steamy for A Clockwork Spiral….and I’m getting there!  Fallen Gods is off the chart spectabulous (yeah, that’s a word…my word…but still) when it comes to avies.  My previous favorite freaking cool skin was the Tao yin/yang skin….half black/half silverfish….amazing…still love it and use it.  Anna may… Read More Anna

the steamfae

Amazing…but there is a huge countdown going on right now for so many events opening tomorrow…I don’t know where to start. The Secret Affair will open to a crowd of eager shoppers….my Nevermore hair is going to be a popular item :).   A Clockwork Spiral is also opening and is raising money for the National… Read More the steamfae