The true story behind Frozen

Sooo…I’m thinking about suing Disney cause I think they stole the storyline of Frozen from my Second Life.  Way too many similarities to just be a coincidence.  Now to be honest…I do have upwards of 20 snowmen in my inventory (don’t judge)…and hell…one looks like Frank Sinatra (ish) and does sing…just not the Summer song.  I am a blond and I do have a redhead sister…her name is Mae though, not Anna…but Disney probably changed the names so as to throw us off.  Clever bastids.  Mae has also fallen for the wrong guy cleverly disguised as a nice prince (using that term loosely here), but then, haven’t we all . And Sven the MOOSE?  Hellooooo…It is a well known fact that I run around with a MOUSE named Annabelle…..coincidence?  I think not.  Also, I DO magically (and with the help of many, many lindens and Alex Bader) turn my land into a snowy wonderland overnight and dare somebody to make a crack about it (I still have snow chit in the back by the highway).  And duh….look at my hair…okay…this is new hair from Truth…but still…pretty clever of Disney to know that I would want hair just like this don’t you think?!  Lastly…I run around half nekid in sexy almost outfits all the damn time….just look at what I’m wearing…a corset….a fabulous corset from The Plastik…and only a corset.  Seriously Disney peeps, who would believe that Walt would put his heroine in a sexy, flimsy dress with a slit up to her chin and have her walk like a cat in heat….that is so ripped from me!  I think I have a good case…I’m looking for representation…perhaps the guy that’s representing the chick from Peru?  ❤


By the way….10 points if you read the news and have a clue as to what the hell I’m referring to 🙂

:[P]:- Kaelys Corset-Sleeveless // Frozen @ The Secret Affair
:[P]:- Areiya Circlet:// Ultrarare  @ The Secret Affair
[Manticore] Annabelle B

::Axix:: modette # 4 pose

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