Livin’ on the edge

So many events coming to a close….so much fabulousness to wave goodbye too….lets see…..

1st…the new.  Sway’s has just come out with the bed we all know we really have.  Not the nice neat bed everybody has in SL…noooo….the rl bed with pillows everywhere, clothes on the floor and a sexy novel on the nightstand.  The unmade bed is perfect for that touch of real….and just to make it even better, there’s a pg version and an adult version…and really, if you’re going to put a box of condoms on the nightstand (yes, the set comes with condoms, I just didn’t use them in the picture)…you need the adult version.

The awesome hair is the newest from Argrace, a sexy side swept do that’s just a little messy, like the bed ❤

Livin' on the edge

The Jewelry Fair ends today….at midnight I assume, so 4 hours or so.  I picked up this skull and roses necklace from 22769 just because its sexy and edgy and just a little innocent….like me (cough, cough).  If you don’t make it, check the designers main stores for all the sparklies you missed.

The Secret Affair ends tomorrow at midnight….wave goodbye to Poe and the Melancholy theme…I know I’ll miss it.  I love the ravens throughout many of the designs this round and this one in a cage is no exception…although I really want to open the cage door and set him free….feels kinda mean just sitting there staring at him.  The familiar is from the Birdy collection, one of my favorite, and a rare in the gacha machine.  Finally, A Clockwork Spiral ends on the 1st, a wonderful event raising money for the Kidney Foundation. I was there yesterday (again) and came across Amalie, one of the cutest little mousies ever….with the exception of Annabelle of course, while I was looking at the ridiculously cool octopus ring/ handwrap thingie from Unrepentant.  The engineer goggles are from the event also…from songbird, and they’re a must have for any upstanding steampunk chick.

Livin' on the edge closeup

So there you have it…..make a shopping list and get going….it’s so much easier going to the events to shop than trying to remember what store they’re in!

Sway’s [Neal] unmade Bed . earth NEW!
Sway’s [Neal] Bedside table
Sway’s [Neal] Bedside lamp with shirt . earth
Sway’s [Neal] Books
Sway’s [Neal] Jeans
Sway’s [Neal] Bra
Birdy (Foxes) – Melancholy Familiar RARE @ The Secret Affair
(epia) – Raven Bird Cage @ The Secret Affair
[UN] Ratcoco – Amelie @ A Clockwork Spiral
~SongBird~ Engineer Goggles : Gun Metal @ A Clockwork Spiral
[UN] The Deep Gold – Slink Casual @ A Clockwork Spiral
22769 ~ [accessories] Skull And Roses Necklace White From the Jewelry Fair 2014
[Manticore] Annabelle B

Del May Quiet Observer pose – long shot
Sari-Sari groundsit pose – closeup

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