The Kissing Booth

Kissing booths before:

The Kissing Booth

Kissing booths NOW:

kissing booth hazmat

Pucker up baby

I feel like I could just call it a day at this…but no…there are things that need to be said.  Frogstar couldn’t have picked a better time to make a kissing booth…really.  Here in the U.S. as Ebola panic spreads to amazing proportions (seriously…drunk driving kills thousands more…what if we thought of THAT as a killer disease…oh wait…) it is not uncommon to hear people discuss whether they will be travelling (and I don’t mean out of the country either) and taking a risk of catching it from some careless infected person.  I’ve heard people say they won’t be going to buffets anymore…those sneeze guards are a nursery for viruses after all and people pick out the cherry tomatoes with their bare hands.  We need to dial it back a bit and think through this clearly.  Not panic.  Not spread stupid zombie rumors.  This youtube video may help.  Go make spaghetti after you watch it 🙂  Bless you Ravenna for making the kissing booth (which can be found at Cirque du Seraphim) !

Frogstar – Kissing Booth (Red) @ Cirque (Sim 2)
Persefona Madame Elsa Wreath (pink) @ Cirque (Sim 1)
*COCO*_Doll, female
Manticore – Annabelle the mousie

Del May Chariot pose

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