machine vs. monster

So the other day…I’m minding my business wandering through We<3RP looking for fabulous.  Found lots by the way.  I came upon the Ravenghost kiosk (is that what the booths are called?) and was looking in wonder at the steampunk tanks.  Raven had sent me one to try out and I was curious…you see…these are not your ordinary set it down and admire it type of thing….its a working, bombing, running over everything monster machine…comes with a hud and a set of instructions, which I promptly threw out the window (so to speak).  As if we were psychic…Raven im’d me and mentioned he was putting a demo on a separate platform there for people to try out…all you have to do is rezz the tank rezzer and hop on…wallla.  I wanted to try and didn’t know where the platform was, so I attempted to rezz the tank rezzer right there in the middle of We<3RP.  Who knew that would work?!  Easy squeezie rezz.  Here’s where my blanket apologies come in.  I’m sorry if I ran over you…especially that lady with the pretty wings holding the doggie…that was brutal (and who knew that kind of language could come out of a fairy/elf/thingie).I might not have had a clear grasp on how to operate the tank and Raven was absolutely no help…he may have pissed himself laughing at me.  I wound up driving right over the platform (I had no idea We<3RP was on a platform…high up too) to the delight of many who had previously been mowed down (again…sorry…it was Raven’s fault).  To my delight, I fell a couple hundred feet right onto the demo platform…how lucky was that!  The only guy there was a Raven groupie who, lets face it, was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  By then I had figured out how to go forward and backward with halfway decent skill (turning was iffy) AND discovered how to shoot the cannon….the explosion when the cannonball hit something was pretty spectacular (sorry Raven groupie, ya should have ran).  After bombing a couple of trees, DRD’s lovely table set up and the groupie (again) I took pity and ran over him…then backed up and ran over him backwards…like Raven needs groupies anyway.

I have since actually read the directions and started practicing my technique.  I have the rezzers on my beach and rezz a tank and hop on when I have time and newbs to kill.  It’s good practice … they learn how to use their arrow keys to run around…it hardly ever occurs to them to tp out 🙂

I’ve challenged Raven to a showdown…so I’ll be practicing a lot more.  If you’d like to play, come by, the tank rezzers are the round wheel looking thingies floating on top the water…rezz a tank and have some fun….or go get your own at We<RP!

Ravenghost Steam Punk Tank (Iron) @ We<3Role-Play

my beach – open to all…newbs beware (and wear a helmut!)

4 thoughts on “Showdown

  1. Omg… I can’t breathe….help! Help!

    Thank you so much for this write up. I just can’t stop laughing at the humor of it all. Definitely makes me want one of those tanks too! Could you see running it up the roads on the mainland! *MWAHAHAHAHA*

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