Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

I know…I’m a slacker…4 days and no post….but it’s cold outside and it makes me want to hibernate under the covers.  I’m gonna try to catch up this weekend cause there’s lots to catch up on.

Harvest Moon was the name of one of my Dad’s favorite bars when I was growing up.  My mom always said they made the best burgers in town.  It was a little hole in the wall in a mid city neighborhood with the same old guys frequenting the same old barstools to watch a game…always looked like a strong wind would take it down.  In the end, it wasn’t wind that took her down but water…..she was flooded past her roof by Katrina.  I have a vivid memory of the swaying sign above the door of a large orange-ish moon and as a kid always wondered what a Harvest Moon was.  My mom, who knew almost as much as Goggle, said the Harvest moon is a full moon seen in Autumn and rises earlier than usual…due to the tilt of the Earth and the position of the moon at that time.  So even though the sun would go down earlier at this time of the year, the bright full moon would rise a bit early and shine enough light during the night for farmers to get the harvest in.

Why bring this up?  Well….the Secret Affair will open in a little under 5 hours as I type this.  By far my favorite event, this round’s theme is Harvest Moon so were sure to see some amazing creations and colors.  The background I used for the shot is actually a painting from a set by Fetch for the event ❤

Harvest Moon cropped

The colors are as vibrant as one would assume and the designs are sublime.  The setting is, of course, amazing and worth going to wander around while leisurely shopping.  The headpiece from Zenith is just stunning….it comes in different colors and is just…well….stunning….as is the necklace from Miamia, the dress from lassitude & ennui and the fabulous tats and makeup from both kooqla and nox.  That blueish band across my forehead isn’t from editing…it’s a tat and I looove it!  Worth noting are the bracelets I have on by Fox.Poison….they are beautiful without even realizing that they have a message ❤

Fox Poison bracelets

From The Secret Affair:  (opens at noon slt today!)

=Zenith=gypsy divine wreath (tiffany & Gold)Head part Unrigged
Miamai_Nikkal Copper
lassitude & ennui Fomhar dress – white
-Fox.Poison- Winter is Coming RARE
-Fox.Poison- Stars Can see you
[KOOQLA] Lips (Apple)
[KOOQLA] Pheasant tattoo (black)
NOX. Dyani [turquoise]
NOX. Dyami [Brown]
[Fetch] Kuu Set – Harvest Art (common)

*ARGRACE* UREI – Cinnamon NEW!
*~*Illusions*~* Sprite Ears
Belleza– Venus mesh body – updated
Belleza– Grace Med #5 skin

Bauhaus Movement Kynne pose (slightly modified)


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