The Liaison Collaborative

The Liason Collaborative

The Liaison Collaborative opened today to an enthusiastic crowd of SL’ers looking for some quality winter must haves. I’ve got 8 of the 35-ish designers represented here…yup…it’s an 8’fer.  The patio furniture and wine and cheese yummies are from [hate this] (I don’t)…looove the barrel hanging lamp!  Pixel Mode made these fabulous lighted trees and bushes, all of which will be adorning my property throughout the winter (especially since I agreed to have my house be on a Christmas Home tour).  The trees and bushes also come in a white version…for when it gets all snowy in your SL 🙂

Valentina sweater

Both outfits are winter ready…okay…my toesies may be a bit chilly in the strappy heels from Nardcotix…but everyone knows you have to suffer a little to achieve maximum fabulousness.  Besides, I make up for it in the Valentina sweater dress…which comes with an awesome super long scarf and matched the knit cap on the Mina hair almost perfectly.

United Colors has a blouse and pants set, along with sneaker boots in enough winter colors to make anyone happy 🙂

I love the rosy cheeks from Wicked… the perfect touch for chilly weather.  There’s a rosy nose too, but I didn’t want to look like a wino.  I’m Irish and my nose always turns red when I’m drinking 🙂


I’ve decided I need to wear red hair more often…this one from Damselfly is really sexy and the fades are absolutely lovely.

The Delila heels from Nardcotix ….too sexy…and they come made for Slink, Belleza AND TMP mesh feet!

Delila shoes

And a side view of the sneakers…super cute 🙂


All of the poses are from *EverGlow* and are also available at TLC in a pack of 10 <333

The Liaison Collaborative till Dec 14th

Roxi left:
MINA Hair – Natasja (materials) @ TLC
:V.e. Kristen Knit Dress XXS Plum @ TLC
NX-Nardcotix Delila Stiletto Nude (BELLEZA) @ TLC
{Wicked} Peach – Winter Harvest eye makeup @ TLC
{Wicked} Peach Rosy – cheeks @ TLC
Kosh Wet Lips – blood
Belleza– Venus mesh body
Belleza– Brooke Med 5 skin
*EverGlow* Comfy 07 pose @ TLC

Roxi right:
*~*Damselfly*~*Garnet(Sml)Rigged-Mesh @ TLC
United Colors -Taka_shirt_black_womens_xs @ TLC
United Colors – Taka_pants_black_womens_xs @ TLC
United Colors – Soft Black_Gold_Paneled_Sneaker_Boots_womens @ TLC
{Wicked} Peach – Winter Harvest eye makeup @ TLC
{Wicked} Peach Rosy – cheeks @ TLC
Kosh Wet Lips – blood
Belleza– Venus mesh body
Belleza– Brooke Med 5 skin
*EverGlow* Comfy 08 pose @ TLC

Roxi close-up pic:
:V.e. Kristen Cashmere Scarf XXS/XS/S Plum @ TLC
*EverGlow* Comfy 01 pose @ TLC

[ht:home] patio table @ TLC
[ht:home] patio chair @ TLC
[ht:home] Barrel Lamp @ TLC
[ht:home] cheese plate @ TLC
[ht:home] wine holder @ TLC
[ht:home] wine glass @ TLC
[PM]Pixel Mode – Lighted Tree – C @ TLC
[PM]Pixel Mode – Lighted Tree – B @ TLC
[PM]Pixel Mode – Lighted Tree – A @ TLC
[PM]Pixel Mode – Lighted Bush – B @ TLC
[PM]Pixel Mode – Lighted Bush – A @ TLC

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