The Market

The Secret Affair opened yesterday and if you haven’t been…goooo…it’s amazing….the theme is Harvest Moon and the designers have outdone themselves.  I’m focusing on 22769 in this post because…well…their chit is so amazingly out the box…both in size and quality 🙂  Seriously…I had to pull wayyyyy back to get this market in ….and I STILL didn’t get it all in!

The Market

So obviously, 22769 made a farmers market.  Perfect time of the year for it, it fits right in with the Harvest Moon theme.  I love farmers markets….love all the fresh veggies and fruit…the canned yummies…the jellied yummies (jalapeno jelly…yummmmmm) the amazing homemade things like candles and pottery and quilts and such.  Happy cinnamon smelling feelings 🙂  I went to one in Montmarte once….bought the freaking best fresh goat cheese and crisp giant apples….that was my dinner that night (that and a couple bottles of wine and I woke up in Germany, but I digress).  It’s not always cheese and apples though.  I went to the market in Casablanca with my friends and my daughter….it’s like a rabbit warren….and a maze…narrow aisles…crowded to the point that you have to walk one by one…people pushing up against you trying to sell you things…once you make 2 turns you have no idea how to get out.  I was holding onto my daughters hand so we wouldn’t get separated and she came away with bruises on them.  I get that I was a tourist and that’s how all these artisans make their living…but I’d have died before I’d let go of my child to pull money out. I could no more enjoy the experience than if I was standing in red ants.  I’m a very low stress person and I think I aged 10 years in that hour or so.  And I really wanted some fresh goat cheese!  Btw, if you’re from those parts, next time I swing by, please take me back and convince me that it’s not scary for female outsider.

The Market stalls 1

Along with the Harvest Market Hall, 22769 also made market items for their gacha at the Affair filled with amazing pieces.

The Market stall 2

Stalls filled with spices and fruit and wine…tables set up with pottery and copper bowls…barrels filled with potatoes…so authentic you’ll think you can smell the apples and pungent spices.

The Market stall 3

Finally, look at the workmanship here…materials really bring out the amazing textures and quality in these pieces.

The Market stall 4

If the pictures don’t convince you, go look for yourself.  Head over to the Secret Affair and be amazed by the level of fabulousness that you will find!  Duchess said that the event and sim’s getting a lot of attention…no doubt due to Manna Stonefield’s amazing vision and imagination and sim designer Divine Paine…who could make a paper bag look fabulous <333

TP to the Secret Affair , check out the website and visit the Flick’r


22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Great Harvest Market Hall
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wine Market Stall
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Spice Merchant Stall
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Market Table with Pottery
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Table with Potions
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Copper Merchant Stand
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Market Stall
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Barrels
22769 ~ [bauwerk] stack of boxes
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Box with Sack
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Barrel Of Potatoes
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wrapped Parcel


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