The Mate

“You must create a female for me, with whom I can live in the interchange of those sympathies necessary for my being. This you alone can do; and I demand it of you as a right which you must not refuse to concede.”

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

The mate

“I trembled, and my heart failed within me; when, on looking up, I saw, by the light of the moon, the daemon at the casement. A ghastly grin wrinkled his lips as he gazed on me, where I sat fulfilling the task which he had allotted to me. Yes, he had followed me in my travels; he had loitered in forests, hid himself in caves, or taken refuge in wide and desert heaths; and he now came to mark my progress, and claim the fulfilment of my promise.”

We all know this doesn’t end well.  I really wanted it to end well…or at least better.  I had this rosy vision of Victor creating the mate…breathing life into her.  What if she was the same disposition as the creature?  What if all she wanted was to go off with her new mate and live happily in seclusion on berries as he assumed she would.  Seemed an absolutely reasonable conclusion to the story.  Or it could have gone south fast…she could have been an angry, violent creature who loathes herself, resents her “mate” and refuses to go off with him.

“I thought with a sensation of madness on my promise of creating another like to him, and trembling with passion, tore to pieces the thing on which I was engaged. The wretch saw me destroy the creature on whose future existence he depended for happiness, and, with a howl of devilish despair and revenge, withdrew.”

This Sunday, Nov. 30th,  Cursed Events will be closing the first edition of A Tattered Page, based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.  Designers, bloggers and event organizers all read (or reread) the classic.  The designers used favorite passages to bring their own creations to life….the bloggers tell the stories.  An interesting twist to a book club.  The cadaver is from Fallen Gods…so good it’s scary.

The Amazing building and brazier is from Ravenghost and is currently available at The Secret Affair.  Pictures really don’t do it justice…when you are inside, you can change the windows to show a rainstorm or snow falling…or just leave it at night with the twinkly stars and rotating clouds and moon as I did.  Raven has a video of it on his Flick’r … watch and be amazed!  The Secret Affair also ends this Sunday on the 30th, so don’t waste time going to peruse the glorious creations to be had.

+Fallen Gods Inc.+ Cadaver female – creature (exclusive) for A Tattered Page

Ravenghost Lunar Brazier @ The Secret Affair
Ravenghost Lunar Temple v1.1 @ The Secret Affair

The Elegant Goth – Bloody Grungy Autopsy Table with Rusty Water (comes with poses)

Secret Affair - Official Blogger 300X300

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