It’s an all Secret Affair post!  (okay, except for the Venus body part…but still)  Everything I have on, with the exception of my mesh body, skin and ears is from The Secret Affair.  I’ve said this before, and I can’t say it enough…I loooove my Venus mesh body from Belleza.  I love putting the hud on and choosing where I need an alpha, which hands to use and how high I want my feet.  It is truly so easy …  like the cash registers at McDonalds where there are pictures of the items instead of words (way to dumb it down McD’s).  I literally had no body poking through to edit…in fact, I didn’t edit any piece or part …I just softened and blurred the landscape and put a bit of a texture in…bam!


Luas has this gorgeous outfit, Ygritte, out at The Secret Affair right now.  I heart it so much I can’t stand myself…but then…Luas makes me happy on a regular basis.  The colors and textures are just top notch…look at the detail in the socks and arm warmers!  Going perfectly with Luas is the flower wreath from ieQED (I looove everything ieQED makes) and the Tangle horns from The Plastik…also a long time favorite.  They sit just right on the new little bones hair, snow spell.  This is snow spell I, with the one side swept back, snow spell II has both sides falling in front.  Tangled in the hair and pauldrons is Azoury’s La Malice, a necklace that can be worn with anything…dressed up or down.  Still rocking the Keystone headpiece and the pheasant tat from KOOQLA…both interesting and worthy of multiple wears ❤

Ygritte sitting

The freaking awesome shoes (and ya’ll know I don’t do shoes much…but these rock!) are from Miamai (try being dyslexic and typing that…you’re going to get a squiggly under it anyway and it’s hard to figure out where…or if…you went wrong) and sport a harvest moon…how cool is that!

Ygritte cropped

Limo to The Secret Affair

Secret Affair website

little bones. Snow Spell I
ieQED flower.wreath.metal
:[P]:- Tangle Horns-Ridged:// Waltz
.Keystone. Woodlander Headpiece {Gold}
AZOURY – Necklace – La Malice (Brown)
Luas Ygritte Dress Brown
Luas Ygritte Pauldrons RARE
Luas Ygritte Warmers RARE
Luas Ygritte Socks RARE
Miamai_Ruralsun Pumps_Copper
[KOOQLA] Pheasant tattoo

-Belleza- Venus mesh body
Belleza– Brooke (Uber) Med 8 red skin
*~*Illusions*~* Sprite Ears: Copy

Del May mmhmm pose (standing) and resigned pose (sitting)

Secret Affair - Official Blogger 300X300

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