The Dance


Save me the first dance in your dreams tonight
They’re wondering just when will we leave, but till we leave, keep holding me tight
Through the last dance, each beat of the last dance
And save me the first dance in your dreams tonight

The Last Dance, Frank Sinatra

The Dance

The Secret Affair closes tomorrow (sniffles) and I have no doubt that this will prove to be one of their best rounds.  The creations are all magnificent, as you would expect from this caliber of designers.  I didn’t want to leave out Zibska or aisling before the closing.  I always love…really love…everything Zib Scaggs creates….never boring….never anything that anybody else comes even close too.  I called in Darth to help me … figured he’d find the perfect look for the aisling Azlota helm…and he did (next to nothing on…but doesn’t that look gooood).  I matched up with Zenith’s Antler headpiece (a little more girly) and the wild windblown Urei hair from Argrace.  I like the contrast of soft and hard….smooth and rough….good and evil (I’m the evil part…just cleverly disguised) ❤

The Dance - cropped

2 days people….2 days left to the Harvest Moon round…..don’t delay!  Check out the website here…than go shop ❤

=Zenith= Hun Archmage Antler (Begie) @ The Secret Affair
Zibska – Aproxima @ The Secret Affair @ The Secret Affair
*ARGRACE* UREI – Pearl White – NEW!
Belleza– Venus mesh body
Belleza– Eva Uber Med 8 r skin

.aisling. Azlota Helm @ The Secret Affair
PFC – Son of Odin Kilt (grizzly)
Zibska Keallach Pauldron
Tableau Vivant Defiler hair

Del May Fissure couples pose

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