What the elves are wearing this Christmas

Christmas Couture

So Thanksgiving is over here in the States…we all weigh about 5 lbs. more on average and some of us are still excited about leftover turkey sandwiches and pumpkin pie.  I made my first ever pumpkin pie…from my moms recipe…and am amazed that it came out so good.  Now that the turkey holiday is over….it’s time to gear up for Christmas.  Boudoir always makes the cutest holiday outfits and this season is no different.  I can’t decide which I like more…the snowflake or the candy cane dress….both are cute and sexy and have their own qualities.  By the way…the adorable little Christmas tree to the right?  Love it?  In a couple day’s it could be sitting in your house!  When the Arcade opens on the 1st there will be a plethora of peeps rushing in to play 8f8’s gacha, Granny’s Winter Cottage.  The Christmas Tree is one of 38 (I know right…when does ibi sleep!?) pieces to be won. (check out the vender poster below) Tomorrow I’ll do a whole post on the house (ohmahgahhhh the house is beyond fabulous!) with furnishings…all but the secret rare….gonna have to wait till after the 1st for that …don’t wanna spoil the surprise ❤

Snowflake closeup

I’ll tell you what I do love about the Snowflake outfit…it comes with the awesome baroque hair…check out the winter birds up top!  It’s that attention to detail that makes Boudoir so special ❤

Also, coming up Dec. 5th is the opening of this years Jewelry & Accessory Expo.  The expo only runs till the 13th, so don’t waste anytime getting in to peruse the sparklies.  The hair below is from Miss C and will be available at the Expo.  The bandana has a texture/color change hud…and wasn’t it fortuitous (whoot…big word of the day) that one of the textures looked candy cane-ish!

Retro hair closeup

Boudoir – Rococo Snowflake outfit, including dress, mask and Baroque hair (also comes with a fan, gloves and socks)
Boudoir – Candy Cane gown
Boudoir – White Christmas tree

Miss C. Retro hair – cherry @ The Jewelry & Accessory Expo, opening Dec. 5th

8f8 – Granny’s Winter Cottage – Christmas Tree soon @ The Arcade (scroll down for the sneak peek!)

Del May Exquisite #2 and Miss Ornamental poses

J&A Expo 2014 Logo Black


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