The Nutcrackers

The Nutcracker Suite by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

The Nutcrackers

Nutcrackers…who doesn’t love them?!  Well…maybe not nuts…but they were asking for it.  So I’m once again at Darths sim looking at good places to take a picture (there’s bunches of good places) and there he and Cinder are…dressed as a prince and a ballerina spinning on music boxes…cute cute cute.  Darth is nothing short of adorable in the BCC Prince rare outfit and I’m thinking of how much he looks like a nutcracker.  On further reflection, that does not come off sounding complimentary…but it’s a far sight better than Rhenu telling him he reminds her of Betty White (swear)…I haven’t figured that one out yet, but she likes him…so I think it’s a compliment.  Anyway…I mention I want the girl soldier outfit from the Arcade and BAM!….Cinder passes one to me (which I swear I will pass back as soon as she logs in) to take a picture with Convairs Nutcrackers that are at The Liaison Collaborative right now.  The nutcrackers are a fierce bunch…brandishing swords and drums and always looking like they’re gritting their teeth…growling maybe…and they dress to impress.  Convair’s nutcrackers are no exception…a soldier, a General, a drummer and a Cossack…all ready to rid the world of the menace known as a nutshell.  I was feeling pretty anti-violent and a bit hippyish…so I pulled out my tambourine instead of something sharp…plopped a hat on Annabelle and gave her a drum.  She seems nonplussed that the drum is bigger than her…kick ass mousie, that’s Annabelle ❤

The Liaison Collaborative is still one of THE places to be right now, with a full sim of fabulousness, awesome gacha’s and beautiful scenery…it’s a pleasure to just stroll and shop ❤

B.C.C My prince-Girl Soldier Outfit D XS @ The Arcade  Thank youuuu Cinder!!!
B.C.C My prince- Nutcracker Hat D @ The Arcade   Thank youuuu Cinder!!!
VCO – Elf head 06 @ The Arcade

*ARGRACE* RIN – Baby Blonde NEW!

+CONVAIR+ Nutcracker Soldier white @ TLC
+CONVAIR+ Nutcracker General color @ TLC
+CONVAIR+ Nutcracker Drummer color @ TLC
+CONVAIR+ Nutcracker Cossack color @ TLC

Ravenghost Gothic Chapel

Del May Never pose

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