Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights

I may have mentioned in the past that I spent 3 weeks in Morocco a couple of summers ago with some girlfriends and my daughter as a present for her recent graduation.  Beautiful place…beautiful people….smelly camels…and more Mercedes than you can shake a stick at…old ones…but still.  The food and the jewelry were my favorite parts.  I prefer not to know exactly what I’m eating if I don’t readily recognize it…so it worked out perfect…since the only things I recognized was the hummus and the baba ganoush….sometimes I think the foul of choice was chicken…that’s what I’m going with anyway.  Doesn’t matter…it was all good and infinitely interesting.  I liked the whole eating with my hands thing!  I got hooked on green tea in little ornate glasses and food cooked and served in a tagine, both of which I bought and shipped home.  I almost bought a Moroccan rug because as the salesman assured me…it would feed his family for a year and he would make me an honorary wife.  I was this close (holds fingers reeeealy far apart) till my inner voice laughed so loud it hurt my head…that and I remembered I don’t have $10,000 laying around waiting to be spent on a rug.  Poor guy…one less wife and a child or two may have starved.

Not surprisingly, when I saw the dining set from Aphrodite…it brought me right back.  The set includes Arabian animated chairs with 11 animations for interacting, dining, eating and drinking.  It dispenses props like napkins, silverware and more and includes a full set of Arabic animated pitchers that give Arabian black coffee, red wine, white wine, water and more.  There’s also a smaller table for the pitchers.  Foods included are falafels, hummus, baba ganoush, ghuzi, moraccan lentil soup, taboulah salad, Saudi kabsa, hummus topped with chicken or lanb, pita and Arabian breads, kabsha, bint as-Sahan, ballayas, and jellab….yummmmm…. ❤

The dining set sits inside Ravenghosts Gothic Chapel, which is so amazing with its weather experience.  The snow you see is actually the chapel windows, not any snow system outside  ❤

And a big wet kiss to Darth for allowing me to rezz my stuff on his land for the next couple of shoots.  My house in Rideau is in the Tour of Lights and I may or may not have used up all but 50 prim decorating the beach and house all Christmassy.  If you’re looking to spend a little time hopping around the grid looking at how some decorated for the season, the Tour of Lights runs through Thursday…pop on over to my house, look for the Tour of Lights sign (next to the snow mailman) and hit next….it’ll give you the Lm to Free Bird where you can get the entire list of homes on the tour.  And for petes sake…go by my house anyway and drop me some mail….my poor mailman still says 0 mail received 😦


Aphrodite Shop Middle Eastern Fest

Ravenghost – Gothic Chapel w/ weather experience

Sanctuary (better known as Roxi’s house)

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