As you Wish

“That day, she was amazed to discover
that when he was saying
“As you wish”
what he meant was
“I love you”
And even more amazing was the day
she realized she truly
loved him back”

The Princess Bride

Storybook Love – Mark Knopfler (theme from the Princess Bride)

As you Wish

A couple more days of Untamed Purity at The Secret Affair …. don’t let it slip by! ❤

A bit more than a week for The Liaison Collaborative….go get your classic romance on! ❤

As you Wish closeup

MOON // Hair // la Vie en Rose (Roxi) @ The Secret Affair
Kibitz – Silence sphere necklace – gold – black cord @ The Secret Affair
PEQE – Olwen (Roxi) @ The Secret Affair
PEQE – Aether (Jarath) @ The Secret Affair
*~*Damselfly*~*Owen Non-Rigged Mesh (Jarath) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Exposeur – No Loss for Words pose w/ Chalkboard @ The Liaison Collaborative
-Belleza- Celeste UBER Med 7 br Skin
Belleza– Venus mesh body – updated
Alouette – The Princess’s Tower

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