Sometimes I’m resistant to change…I held on to the same skin for over 3 years.  About 3 years ago, I got my land just the way I liked it….down to the last blade of grass….I was extremely proud of myself.  I had every manner of “living” things wandering around.  4 Amaretto horses…on the beach and yes, in move mode….2 dogs, a cat, birds, bee’s, butterflies, deer, rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs that popped their little heads out of their holes….if it moved and fit in with nature…I had it.  I also had scripted waterfalls, cascades and streams every freaking where.  I never had any trouble moving around…but other people would occasionally….actually, one chick that lived on my land (rent free I would add) would complain constantly about the lag, but then she complained constantly about vampires popping by (yes, I did the Bloodlines thing …everybody did way back!) and went as far as putting a big string of garlic on her doghouse entrance (don’t ask).  I was happy in my world and swore I would never move a thing.  Then a Linden came to visit.  She very politely complimented everything and then told me I was killing the entire region (I live on mainland) with all my collisions.  She asked me to cull the herd (literally, I had a herd).  It hurt me to pick up each and every moving thing that I did…..I so did not want anything to look different.  It killed me when Christmas came….I plopped snow right over my flowers and such so they would be in the exact same place when I picked up the winter things.  It took me a couple of years, and being sick of the shabby chic look, to finally do a redo…a major redo.  I’ve done several since and it doesn’t hurt anymore….I look forward to the new normal.  I’d been slacking lately with the landscaping and had been watching Darth fix up a couple sims and Cinders new piece of mainland and frankly I was jealous…I loved the looks he was going for and wanted them.  I dropped a hint about a month ago, figuring when he had time on his hands he’d bring it up, so I was surprised when that night he told me to start picking shit up or he was returning it to my lost and found.  I couldn’t pick up fast enough!  3 days later…and so much hard work on Darth’s part….all of my land (about 3/4th of a region) was Darthed up….mountains, nooks and crannies, lakes, terraces and forests…..a freaking awesome shadowed tunnel that ties the front part of the land to the back ( I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love you like a fat kid loves cake Darth <3).  I wander now and take such delight in the change and wonder what made me so resistant back when.  This picture was taken in the back 40 (Jarath’s term <3) not far from the swamp (I’m from southern Louisiana, I had to have a swamp)… a peaceful meadow perfect for relaxation and pictures….come by anytime!   ❤


There are a few days left for The Secret Affair, it officially ends on the 29th…don’t let it pass you by!

Miamai_Chrysalia Hair Ombre @ The Secret Affair
Pure Poison – Gabrielle Warrior Necklace @ The Secret Affair
*OAL*/*SP* RPGear – Fur Stole – Cocoa 1 @ The Secret Affair
[Fetch] Untamed Earrings – Three @ The Secret Affair
CD Yetti Boots Tan @ The Secret Affair

-Belleza- Celeste UBER Med #7 br. skin @ UBER
Belleza– Venus mesh body – updated

Le Poppycock Patience pose w/ rabbit and carrot prop

Sanctuary @ Rideau

secret affair jan

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