Angel in pink

Come and save me tonight
You’re the reason I live
You’re the reason I die
You’re the reason I give when I break down and cry
Don’t need no reason why
Baby, baby, bayayby
You’re my angel
Come and save me tonight

Angel – Aerosmith

Mia Angel 1

So I was finished with this picture and working on the post a couple hours ago….and I liked it…but it was bugging me.  I was regretting not getting the pink Eternity wings from RO and putting them on.  I had the white and knew it wouldn’t work with all the pink…it might have…but that’s not what the picky bitch voice in my head was saying.  I swear….1 minute from hitting publish and I changed my mind.  I saved the post as a draft, went back inworld, went to RO and bought the pink wings.  Yeah, that was me mowing you down on the boardwalk outside of the store lady….seriously….wrong place at the wrong time to be daydreaming.  I grab the wings, pop back to my place and get back on the same Del May pose…put back the same wl and crank this bad girl up to ultra and start snapping.  I bring it into editing and paint it over my original picture…..cause I sure wasn’t starting over…all the while listening to Aerosmith (Steven Tyler was subliminally telling me I was making the right choice).  Couple of effects later to have it blend and I was one happy camper…as was the picky bitch in my head.  Just because….here’s the original without the wings ❤ (please tell me I was right)


Everything else is from around the grid.  The Mia hair is new from CaTwA…perfect for an angel, princess or Lady Godiva.  The flower wreath is also @ CaTwA from designer Gayaa Resident…makes me look innocent (cough, cough).  Axix has this gorgeous mask for The Fantasy Room…it has a hud that allows you to pick from 14 different colors and a left or right option.

We ❤ Role-Play is still packed and for good reason…the finds there are amazing this round.  The beautiful corset from glYph (look at the cute belt with the pouch attached!) and horns (comes with and without color change strings) from A.D.D.Andel are both available at the event all month.

The 2 necklaces are from Tantalum…my go to place for jewelry.  The silver Morano necklace is the exclusive for the Madpeas Buried hunt.  You go to the store and buy a hud for the hunt and have an adventure solving a mystery…in the end, you get the necklace….and bunches of other good stuffs!  The drop necklace with the heart on it is currently at the Urban Legends Fair…and here’s the cool thing…you can not only change the metal color on the necklace, but also the symbol.  I have the heart on mine, but I could have chosen a happy face or any letter of the alphabet…how cool is that!?

Angel closeup

Finally…the skin.  From Belleza, Mae is at the Love is in the Air Event, which opened today (good luck getting in). Mae, the ‘Desire Edition’, is available in medium, sunkissed and tan skin tones. With 6 brand new exclusive makeups with dark, blonde, brown and red brow options and the hair base and cleavage layers are included as well as both matte and gloss lips.

CATWA ^*^GAYAA^*^~~Jasmine Wreath- NEW!
A.D.D.Andel! Smooth Horns: Fatpack- With String @ We ❤ Role-Play
>glYph< Cecile Corset Rose @ We ❤ Role-Play
::Axix:: Laverne Mask  @ The Fantasy Room
~Tantalum~ Zoe Necklace @ the Urban Legends Fair
~Tantalum~ Morano Necklace – Exclusive for the Madpeas Buried Event
RO – Eternity Wings – Aphrodisiac NEW!
-Belleza- Mae Med 2 br. Skin w/ # 3 gloss @ Love is in the Air till the 14th
Belleza– Venus mesh body, updated
Del May Body Check pose

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