The Carriage Ride

Cinderella meets Princess & the Pea. That’s how Kei describes her limited edition princess carriage available at the soon to open Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  Sadly the Fairy Godmother hasn’t shown up to turn Annabelle the mousie or Cait the kitty into swift white steeds yet…so it may be a loooong ride.  Luckily the carriage is set up like a modern day rv with a nice bed all ready for napping…hopefully the beds not lumpy.  Where’s a prince on a white horse when you need him??

The carriage ride

Kei’s Princesses Meet Day Bed Limited Edition @ the FGC…opening on the 11th!
RO – Once Upon a Crown
[Manticore] Annabelle B [COPY]
[Manticore] White Cait v2
Alouette – The Princess’s Tower
Del May Checking for Monsters pose

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