The Pavilion

Heart Homes and Aphrodite present the “White Roses” Romantic Couple Set!  There is a PG and  Adult version (whoot) and includes everything you see….the pavilion, fireplace, champagne, romantic rug with rose petals and a vase full of roses.  The set is currently available at Room 69.  The pg version is L569 and the adult version is L769.   There’s a video available on this product, along with others from Aphrodite…click on the link and check them out ❤

The pavilion

Aphrodite ~♥~ Room 69

“White Roses” – Gazebo
“White Roses” – Flowers
“White Roses”  Fireplace
“White Roses”  – Deco-Vase
“White Roses” – Champagner Bucket
“White Roses” – Rug set  “PG” (v1.1)
“White Roses” Petals

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